Jeffersonville (IN) Weekly Journal
February 22, 1897
page 3


Sentenced at Greencastle for Horse Stealing; Tells of Numerous Thefts

Frank Wells, a horse thief, was arraigned in the court at Greencastle and, on a plea of guilty, was given four years in the penitentiary.

In a confession that he made to the court, he said that he left his home at Bedford some three weeks ago and started out in search of work and was engaged as cook at Greensburg for a short time. From there he went to Rushville and took a horse and carriage from the hitching rack. He did not sell it but left it at a livery stable some twenty miles away. From that town he went to Lebanon and took another horse, going to Martinsville where he was well-known, and sold the horse for $49. He then went to Greencastle and took another for which he was arrested. He says he was married in Brown County and has a wife and children at Bedford. He broke down completely when sentenced. He will arrive here this evening.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.