Bloomington (IN) Weekly Courier
December 8, 1911
page 1, late edition


Lulu Sutton and Della Hamilton, held at Bedford with the murder[ers] of James Mitchell, are seeing ghosts. Strange to say, the ghost that has visited them is not the ghost of Mitchell but the ghost of a woman in [a] long white robe.

Its hands are cold and clammy and lifeless looking, and Mrs. Sutton says when she finally lifted her head out from under the covers because she was nearly smothered, she was just in time to see it disappear through the cell bars. The ghost usually appears about midnight. The women are genuinely frightened and Mrs. Sutton is begging for an early trial so that she can get away from the jail.

Sheriff Gyger calls the talk of ghosts bosh.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.