Bloomington (IN) Courier
January 5, 1904
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Although Severely Scalded, He May Recover

Special to the World

Bedford, Indiana, January 11–Charles W. Hughes, the plumber, is now getting along very nicely, and there are fair prospects for his complete recovery.

Charles N. Campbell, father-in-law of Charles W. Hughes, the plumber who was badly scalded, says he thinks it very doubtful if Mr. Hughes can recover. In describing the accident, Mr. Campbell said the Lawrence County poor farm where Mr. Hughes was working was a number of miles from Bedford and that there was no telephone connecting the building with Bedford. When Mr. Hughes met with the accident, he had to suffer in great pain for three hours before a physician could be secured from Bedford. As soon as Mr. Hughes got out of the scalding pit he started to run and it required several men to catch him and bring him back to the house. He walked up and down the rooms suffering greatly while waiting for the arrival of the doctors.

The Bedford Democrat of Saturday says of the man's injuries: "The condition of Charles W. Hughes, the plumber who was scalded Thursday evening cannot be said to have changed very much since yesterday. His left arm is almost a solid blister from his shoulder to his hand, and the right arm is also blistered but no so bad. His neck is badly burned and there are a number of blisters half as large as a man's hand and smaller over his back, hips and legs. His body in front and his head were not scalded at all to amount to anything, for the reason that he was stooping over and the barrel of scalding water came down on his shoulder and back.

"Mr. Hughes is still at the home of the superintendent of the poor farm, his wife and sister-in-law being with him, and everything possible is being done for him. It will be impossible to move him for some time even should he survive his injuries. He cannot be touched or move himself at all without great suffering. He seemed to be suffering less this morning and to be in good spirits, but his physician gives little encouragement to hope that he will recover."

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Bloomington (IN) Courier
January 19, 1904
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Condition of Charles Hughes

H. A. Axtell spent Sunday with Charles W. Hughes at Bedford. Mr. Axtell returned home at midnight and at that time Mr. Hughes was resting much easier than at any time during the day. The physicians do not believe Mr. Hughes will get well. Friday night Mr. Hughes believed he was about to die and called all the relatives to his bedside. He gave all directions concerning his funeral and named his pall bearers. At that time it was believed he would not live thirty minutes longer. His condition was very alarming all day Sunday.

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