Omaha (NE) Daily Bee
February 3, 1901
page 2

A digitized image of this item may be found online at Chronicling America. NOTE: The item below was abbreviated from the very lengthy original as noted by the ellipsis. The item was accompanied by a photograph.


Statesman, orator, lawyer and man of affairs, Joseph Ralph Burton is likely to make a place for himself in the United States senate among the leaders in that body of distinguished men. He is a Hoosier by birth. He was born and brought up on a farm near Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana. His father, the Rev. Allen G. Burton, was a Kentuckian. His grandfather came from North Carolina. To these two, no doubt, he owes the courtly demeanor, the chief characteristic and charm of the southern gentleman. On his father's side, J. R. Burton is of English extraction, on the maternal side, French. His early life was that of a typical farm boy attending the district school in the winter, doing chores and helping with the farm work. Later, in his teens, he attended an academy in Mitchell that had been founded by his father and other progressive citizens who desired their children to enjoy better educational advantages than the district school could give. At 19 Burton left the farm and went to Franklin College where he spent three years under the personal tutelage of President Lincoln Walen...

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