Bloomington (IN) Daily Telephone
May 21, 1918
page 4


L. A. Evans, Bedford coal dealer, had his left hand crushed off early Monday morning at Bedford under the wheels of Monon train No. 4. The accident occurred at two o'clock in the morning near the north end of the Bedford passenger platform. Evans was dragged for a considerable distance and narrowly escaped being ground to death under the train.

Evans had descended from the train that was late there, arriving at 1:55 AM. As the train was pulling out, he started to walk up the platform and raised his umbrella. His umbrella became entangled in the passing train, and he was jerked off his feet. He rolled between the platform and the track and was caught and dragged.

The end of the hand to about one-half of the palm was crushed completely off. Two of the fingers were later found beside the track. His hat, umbrella and watch were picked up after he had walked back down to the passenger station.

Night operator, Leo Williams, called for a physician and rendered first aid. Evans displayed a lot of nerve while waiting for medical attendance and while being taken to the hospital.

At Dunn Hospital Dr. Freeland amputated the hand.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.