Indianapolis (IN) News
December 6, 1913
page 24

NOTICE. State of Indiana, County of Lawrence, in the Lawrence circuit court, November term 1913.

In the matter of the petition of Moses F. Dunn and Antoinette Fell to declare Lucien G. Fell dead, and asking to probate his will and to have an administrator with will annexed appointed.

To Lucien G. Fell: You are hereby notified that there has been filed in the Lawrence circuit court of Lawrence County, Indiana, a certain petition by Moses F. Dunn and Antoinette Fell seeking to have you declared dead by reason of your absence from your usual place of residence, to wit: Bedford, Ind., and your departure for parts unknown for a space of more than five years; and also to probate your will and have an administrator with will annexed appointed.

Said petition is set for the19th day of January 1914, being the first day of the January term, 1914, of said court, at the courthouse in the City of edford, Ind., and unless you appear at said time, the same will be determined in your absence.

Witness the clerk and the seal of said court at Bedford, Ind., this 21st day of November.

Elbert J. Stalker

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.

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