Bloomington (IN) Telephone
January 22, 1892

The widow of Stephen Clark, living near Heltonville, has been seeing strange things. The other night, upon waking up, a light was seen streaming in a maple tree in front of her house, and it is currently reported that boys dug at the foot of the tree and uncovered a package of greenbacks, with tools for counterfeiting and a revolver. These were the property of Stephen Clark, who was hung by a mob fifteen years ago for murder. Shortly before he was lynched people found the bodies of five men and one woman in a cave; also a counterfeiting outfit. The dead were supposed to be Clark's victims. He was known to be a counterfeiter and a desperate man, and he was hung near his own door. The greenbacks amount to $4,000, and are genuine.

(Read the story of the lynching, which occurred in 1869.)

Typed and donated by Chuck Carey.