History of Lawrence County, Indiana

Transcribed passages are from the following book:
History of Lawrence and Monroe Counties Indiana
1914 B. F. Bowen & Co. Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana


The two Carolinas and Virginia supplied the first settlers of Marion township. The township was named after Gen. Francis Marion, the famous Southern Commander in the Revolutionary war. In the Spring of 1816 many new settlers began to come in From North and South Catolina, among them were George Sheeks, William Erwin, John Finger, Joseph Pless, Elijah Murray, Thomas Rowark, John Sutton, James Boswell and Joseph Boswell. The early land entries of Marion township are as follows: Cuthbert and Thomas Bullitt, 1820: Tetlow, Hughes and Geiger 1820: Moses Gray 1816: R. Hall 1820: Abraham Hartman 1818: Samuel Jackson 1816: Ambrose Carlton 1816: Robert Lewis 1817 and 1816: Samuel Brown 1820: John Edwards 1820: John Maxwell 1819: William Terrill 1816: William Tolliver 1818: Robert McLean 1817: William McLean 1816: Zachariah Sparling 1818: John Workman 1817: William Baldwin 1817: Theophilus Baldwin 1819: Jesse Hill 1817: Martin Hardin 1817: William Maxwell 1819: Charles Tolliver 1817: William Connerly 1817: William Denny 1818: Alfred Maden and John Hays 1818: John Lowery 1817: William Blair 1817: John McLean 1817: James Fulton 1816: Lewis Byram 1817: Henry Speed 1816: William Trueblood 1816: Jonathan Lindley 1816: G. Eli 1817; Joshua Taylor 1817: Robert Fields 1817: William Connelly 1818: George Hinton Jr., Arthur Henrie and Benjamin Drake 1818: William Erwin 1818: Isom Maden 1816: William Carmichael 1818: Joel Conley 1817: Josiah Trueblood 1818: William Connelly 1817: Aaron Davis 1819: Lewis Phillips 1817: Zebedee Wood 1820: Michael Dunihue 1817: David Harris 1817: John Sutton 1817: Robert Hollowell 1816: Robert Fields 1816: Jacob Piles and Jonathon Williams 1815.


Mitchell, Marion township was named in honor of Gen O. M. Mitchell, an officer in the Federal army who died at Huntsville, Alabama in 1862... and was platted on September 29, 1853 by G. W. Cochran and John Sheeks... West Mitchell an addition was laid out January 17, 1859 by Jonas Finger and on November 26, 1865, there was another addition by D. Kelley & Company.

On December 23, 1864, Mitchell was incorporated as a town.

On July 29, 1907, an election was held in Mitchell to determine whether or not the town should be incorporated as a city, under the statutes of Indiana. The result was a majority of four hundred and nine in favor of incorporating.