Spice Valley Township


Atchison, James
Barnes, Elisha
Beavers, Amos
Baker, Henry
Brinkworth, ____
Blevins, William
Blankinship, Elisha
Blankinship, Elijah
Carter, B. F.
Coleman, Samuel D.
Coleman, James
Coulter, Anderson
Connelly, James
Cox, Madison
Doan, Lemuel
Dickerson, George W.
Dorsett, George
Dorsett, Isaac
Etchason, John
Fentz, John J.
Finch, William J.
Fitch, James
Guy, Charles
Gaskins, William
Higgins, William H.
Hopper, Jesse
Hopper, John
Heltonbrand, Perry
Horad, Henry
Hoard, James A.
Jones, Thomas
King, Marley
Kelly, James
Lackey, Francis
Mayfield, Archabald
Maye, William
McNabb, William
May, William
Mackwell, John
Pitt, Allen
Palmer, Noe
Prewitt, Harvey H.
Pridemore, Alfred
Presley, David
Pedigo, Grand
Ray, James
Richards, John F.
Robinson, Elkanah
Somerly, James
Smith, William
Smith, Joel
Sutton, John W.
Smith, Joel (may be repeat of Joel Smith above)
Tinsley, Edwin H.
Teauge, John
Tewell, William (May be Terrell)
Tincher, John
Tolbott, Morgan A.
Westenhoffer, Francis
West, John
West, Mils
White, Elijah
White, Majer

Thanks to Diana S Flynn for letting me add the ENUMERATION SOLDIER'S RELIEF FUND - 1865 to Lawrence County InGenWeb site taken from INLAWREN Archives