Omaha (NE) World Herald
November 5, 1901
page 3


Thirty Persons Injured at Passenger Station of Bedford, Indiana

Bedford, Indiana, Nov. 4 – A wreck occurred tonight on the Monon track at the passenger station in this city in which thirty persons were injured. A combination passenger and stone train running between Bedford and the Perry, Matthews and Buskirk Stone Company's quarries broke in two at the intersection of the Monon & Southern Indiana roads coming together a few minutes later with a crash.

In the two passenger coaches were 100 quarry men and officials. Of this number, no less than thirty were bruised and injured by the collision, some of them seriously, if not fatally.

Among the seriously hurt are: Andrew Lentz, quarry man; Michael Agnew, brakeman; and Edward Denniston, quarry man. All of these men were injured internally.

John Torphy, superintendent of the mills, was badly cut. Many others were seriously bruised.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.