Bloomington (IN) Daily Telephone
October 14, 1925
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Near Bedford Station and 290 Trains Supplied in One Day – Big Revenue for That City

Monon workmen yesterday began excavating for the foundation for a new water tank just west of the present tank next to the Bedford station. The new tank will be all steel, of 100,000 gallons capacity. The old tank is of wood and has about 65,000 gallons capacity. It is about played out and is not large enough for demand made on it nowadays.

One day last week, in 22 hours, over 290 trains passed through Bedford on the Monon, nearly every engine taking water from the Bedford tank as a result the tank was nearly empty most of the time. The city furnishes the water on the meter system and draws a big revenue from the Monon.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.