Cincinnati (OH) Daily Gazette
January 29, 1875
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[From the Louisville Courier-Journal]

The escape up to this time of the two young desperadoes who murdered Deputy Marshal Carney, brother of Policeman Carney of the Louisville force, at Bedford, Indiana, last Tuesday night, week, is indeed most remarkable. Early the next morning after the bloody deed had been committed, those who did it were known, and a large reward was immediately offered for their capture.

In less than an hour, from fifty to a hundred men were in hot pursuit, and the country was scoured for miles around, but no clue was obtained of the murderers. The news, of course, spread like wild fire, and the horrible details of the murder were known far and near before noon the next day, and large numbers of men went out in search of the two mere boys who had at so early an age stained their hands in the blood of a good citizen.

It has been now ten days since the murder was committed, and yet the two boys have not been caught. They have been heard from once or twice-that is, it is so reported; but they are still at large. That these two boys should for so long a time baffle the skill of shrewd detectives and escape arrest is a wonder to all who have given the matter any thought.

Where they went and where they are is a matter of much speculation in this section. Some say that they are hid bear Bedford; others that they have made their way out into Illinois, while many assert that they have crossed the river and come to Louisville where, it is stated, they have relations living. It is to be hoped that they will yet be caught and brought to punishment.

Chicago (IL) Daily Tribune
February 3, 1875
page 5


Louisville, Feb. 2–A special to the Courier Journal says that Arthur Bissell [consider Bissal as a spelling variant] and George Bechtel [consider Bachtel as a spelling variant], two youths who killed Carney, the town marshal of Bedford, Ind., a few weeks since, were captured at Olney, Ill., today. The deputy sheriff started this evening to bring them back, and fears are entertained of mob law when the young men are brought to Bedford.

Huntington (IN) Herald
February 10, 1875
page 2

Arthur Bissal and George Bachtel, the murderers of the town marshal of Bedford, Ind., were recognized at Olney, Ill., by Otto Graff of Bedford and arrested. There was great excitement in Bedford and fears of mob violence.

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