St. Louis (MO) Republic
December 30, 1898
page 5


Dr. Gray of Bedford, Indiana, Stabbed a Woman to Death

Bedford, Ind., Dec. 29 – A mob is said to be forming near this city for the purpose of lynching Dr. E. F. Gray who murdered Lizzie Skinner here this afternoon. Public feeling runs high, and an immense crowd is gathering on the streets. The only thing lacking is a leader, and unless the prisoner is spirited away there is every indication that he will be dangling from a limb before the morning dawns.

The killing was particularly atrocious. Gray was in love with Mrs. Skinner, and she left a husband, and he deserted a wife because of the matter a short time ago. She was going away on the train when he met her within 100 feet of the depot, and stabbed her to death. The deed was done with a surgeon's knife. Dr. Gray was arrested at once and placed in jail.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.