White River Standard
Bedford, Indiana
December 22, 1853

[NOTE: The items below were abstracted by Randi Richardson from a microfilm image of the original available at the Lawrence County History Center. Unfortunately, the microfilm reader/printer would not print, the abstractions were done by hand and then typed.]

page 2, column 2

Elgin AKA Hicks escaped from jail. Elgin was imprisoned some years ago for the murder of a woman 75 years old. The case was tried in Orange County on a change of venue.

page 3, column 1

Pamelia Adaline Nunnally died. Her funeral sermon was preached December 25, 1853 in the N. S. Presbyterian Church.


John Tannehill married Nancy Woolery. Both were from Lawrence County.


Elizabeth Ann Hammersley sued her husband, William K. Hammersley, for divorce.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.