Bloomington (IN) Telephone
October 31, 1893
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Mrs. Michael O'Connell, a well-known Bedford lady, died Thursday. She had a paralytic stroke recently leaving her throat powerless and, thus, she was unable for days to speak or partake of any nourishment.


There is much alarm at Bedford over diphtheria. The Democrat of yesterday says: "Charley Irvine died of diphtheria and was buried yesterday. Another case was reported yesterday. The schools on the East Side have been dismissed. Also the children living east of the railroad and south of Sixteenth Street have been stopped from the West Side. The school officials are co-operating with the city Board of Health, and all precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of the disease. When the city health officers think it necessary, the West Side schools will be closed."

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.