Bedford Star
Saturday, June 19, 1875

Fourteen boarders at the poor house----The wife of W. H. LINCOLN, of Mitchell, who died last week was buried here on last Saturday.----Capt. WILDER the night watchman, is rendering the way of the night transgressors uncomfortable----John MORROW will have another trial at Bloomington, beginning on the 22d inst----J. C. CARLTON, Esq. is now travelling agent for MADDOX Bros. of Cincinnati----A snake of the racer species was killed near town a few days ago five feet and six inches in length----The Southern express now arrives at 1:06 p.m.; the Southern frieght at _____; the Northern at ________-------Tom BROWN "took third money at the Worthington races last week----The Commissioners refused to grant liquor licenses to C. C. RICHARDSON and John L. BAKER----Bill BELL still prances around the country like an untamed steed, and is more ubiquitious than the Irishman's flee, that never could be found even when he had his finger on him----Bruce CARR, formerly of Bedford, and latterly Superintendent of the Gosport Public Schools, has accepted a situation as travelling agent for the publishing house of Morton & Co., of Louisville----Willie, a bright little son of Dr. ALLEN's of Fayetterville, died on last Tuesday. But a few weeks ago they lost a daughter, and at this time their only remaining child, a little boy, is prostrate with scarlet fever, and not expected to live----With the exception of wheat there never was a better crop prospect in Lawrence county----The ice cream supper of the ladies of the M. E. Church last Tuesday night, realized quite a snug little sum over expenses----One of the best hands Nathan HALL has is a deaf and dumb man----The infant son of Peter FILLION and lady, was christened on last Sunday, at the Catholic church----He started down the street with his little tin bucket, and as he passed the crowd an innocent old citizen remarked well, "I'm glad to see that Philander has gone to work at last, and takes his dinner out with him." "Say, old Smarty," chimed in a street gamin, "Can't you tell a beer bucket from a dinner bucket?" the old gentleman changed his quid to the other side of his mouth, and asked if the BEECHER case was through with yet----The purchase of Trinity Springs, at Harrisonville, for camp meeting purposes, is talked of----There is no truth in the report that the Bedford College is to be removed to Campbellsburg----That unfornunate remark, (That is if he really did make it), of Prof. MADDEN's, in which he stigmatised all printers as a "low and illiteriate set, who never arrived at any distinction socially or politically," is passing around rapidly all over the State. The remarks of some of the papers are by no means flattering in regard to the Professor----The county Council of the Patrons of Husbandry meet at the Court House on next Saturday----Thomas H. MALOTT will accompany the editorial excursion from Topeka to Sant Fe. It is said he will purchase an interest in the 'Advance' when he returns----Frank BRINEGAR, of this county, has not shaved since 1860, and says he won't until a Democatic President is elected----John L. BAKER has opend a liquor store in the south room of the NUNNALY building----Grasshoppers have made thier appearance on the public Square. They have done the same thing annually for the last forty years----Joseph WALTERS was brought over from Mitchell on last Wednesday and lodged in jail on a charge of grand larceny, stealing lumber from D. L. SHEEKS----Ben. W. HARDIN, formerly editor of the Temperance 'Wreath', in this place, is stopping up the ears and punching out the eys of the people of Fort Dodge, Iowa, as an occulist and aurist----"Nary" saloon in Bloomington, only three one quart establishments----Good times are approaching rapidly----the blackberry crop this year will be immense----Bean flippers--look out for your eyes----More Kaolin discoverd in Spice Valley townshp; W. H. BRYANT has discovered it on his farm----Don't hitch horses across the side walk if you have an aversion to contributing toward paying Corporation expenses----A little son of D. JOHNSON's fell a distance of over twenty feet the other day, at his father's quarry, south of town, and narrowly escaped instant death. Although considerably bruised he is fast recovering----The collegiate year of the Bedford M. and F. college ended on last Wednesday. There being no Senior class no commencement exercises took place-----some person or persons have been mutilating posters and hand bills lately. Some of them are known and the others soon will be, then--look out----Unsuccessful fishing parties now amuse themselves by throwing each other into the river, and standing on their heads on fishing poles----Mitchell has "pungled" down $342.29, Bedford $310.00 and Bloomington $255.00 for Government whisky and tobacco licenses, since April 1st. The reason Bloomington is so far behind is because very few persons drink at saloons in that place, they buy it by the barrel and keep it at home----


Jesse A. MITCHELL, Jr., commonly known as "Jud," took unto himself a wife on last Thursday evening. Miss Maggie SCOGGAN was the happy bride of the occasion. May the blessings of true love brighten their future lives.


The Bedford Woolen mills are now running on full time, and turning out an immense amount of work. Mr. Oliver BRANT is the superintendent, and what he does not know about carding and spinning is not worth learning. Don't send your wool away to other factories, have your work done here at home.


Lou KNASEL, an engineer who we forgot to mention in our article some time since, is a first class machinist as well as a No. 1 engineer, as he worked five years in the machine shop. Mr. L. is a sober, industrious and careful engineer.

Typed and donated by Diana Flynn.