The Bedford Independent
Wed., June 14, 1865


Wm. BARNES has received Harper's Weekly and a lot of new books.


Moses F. DUNN, of Bedford, will address the Mitchell Literary Society, on Wednesday evening, June 28th.


The firm of OWEN, GLOVER & Co., has undergone a change, by the withdrawal of Mr. Glover, and the firm of OWEN & MELVIN now conduct the business.


FESTIVAL.--A Strawberry Festival was given on Wednesday and Thursday evenings last, by the ladies of the M. E. Church. It was largely attended, and the amount of money realized, exceeded the most sanguine expectations of its managers.


We learn that Prof. EVANS, of this place, has accepted an invitation to deliver an oration on the Fourth of July, at Kent, Indiana. We congratulate the good people of that place on their good luck in securing the services of so able an orator.


The Anniversary of the Stockholders of the Mitchell Seminary will be Saturday, July 1st, at 2 o'clock P. M. Address by Rev. P. H. EVANS, of Washington, Daviess county. A full attendance is desired, as much business of importance will be done.


FOURTH OF JULY.--Are we to have a celebration in Bedford? If so, we hope the citizens will go to work at once and perfect arrangements, and not procrastinate until a day or two pervious to the anniversary, as was the case last year. If a celebration cannot be gotten up properly, better leave it undone, and every man celebrate the day as best accords with his views of its importance.


By reference to our advertising columns, it will be seen that J. CADWALADER, Son & Co. of New Albany, are again in the field with a choice stock of Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps. These gentlemen have estabished a reputation in this vicinity, as the proprietors of a first-class wholesale house, and receive, as they merit, a liberal patronage from our merchants.


FRANCIS & MALOTT have received a fine stock of summer coats and pants, of all styles and at very low prices. Linen coats and pants what will keep you cool in sweltering hot weather, and fine fancy cassimeres that are as pretty as they are cheap. If you want anything in their line, Francis & Malott will take pleasure in filling your order.


The freshest, purest and largest stock of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Fancy Articles, Stationery and Perfumery in Lawrence county, can be found at HOWELL & JOHNSON'S Empire Drug Store. Their stock of Patent Medicines is both large and choice, and persons desiring anything in their line, will be suited upon inquiry of Mr. Johnson.


NEW SIGNAL CORPS.--As the Express was passing a farm near Salt Creek , a few evenings past, a plowman was seen to signal the train in a very mysterious manner, and we learn that several dainty white pocket handkerchiefs fluttered in answer to his motions. A passenger tells us, he believes the fair answerers had seen that signal before, and sympathized with the rebel. Somebody out to send for General CARRINGTON.


COMMISSIONERS COURT.--This court met on Monday last, and after an arduous session of five and a half days, adjourned Saturday, at noon. A large amount of business was transacted, among which was the granting of seven liquor licenses. The Board is a working one, and under the direction of its experienced President, Mr. HOLLAND, always renders a satisfactory showing to the tax-payers of Lawrence county. There is a probability that an extra session will soon be held, to regulate the disbursement of moneys to soldiers' families, as per law passed by the last Legislature.


A GOOD ROAD.--The only McAdamized road in Bedford, or its vicinity, has just been built by I. RECTOR, through Maiden Lane and Virgin Alley. The road bed is made of solid limestone rock, covered with a thin layer of soil, making those popular and moral thoroughfares more agreeable, if possible, than ever, to persons transacting business in them. No better facilities for making good roads are to be found anywhere than in Lawrence county, and yet, no worse roads than ours, can be found in any settled portion of the United States. There is no reasonable excuse for this lerthargic disregard of our own interest. The business of Bedford could be double, if we had roads that were in a passable condition at all seasons of the year, but at present, persons who would bring their produce to Bedford, and make their purchases here, are compelled to trade at points ten or fifteen miles from the county seat. Labor will soon be plenty, and at reasonable rates, when, if the business portion of this community cannot see that their own interests would be best served by a move in this direction, they are much more blind than those of less pretending and less wealthy localities.



On the 8th inst., by Esq. EVANS, Mr. Martin A. KERN to Miss Nannie SEARS, all of Lawrence county.


Administrator's Notice.

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Lawrence county, Indiana, Administrator of the estate of Lutitia BECK, deceased, late of Lawrence county, Indiana, will offer at public auction, at the late residence of deceased, in Flinn township, Lawrence county, Indiana, Saturday, July 1st, 1865, all the personal poroperty of the deceased, including household and kitchen furniture, &c.

Sale to begin at 10 o'clock in the morning.

Terms--A credit of six months will be given on all sums over three dollars, to be secured by note, with interest from date, without relief from valuation and appraisement laws; under that amount, cash in hand.

Francis M. CRITCHFIELD, Adm'r.


MARRIAGE LICENSES.--When the Gods would destroy, they first make mad, as is evidenced by the Clerk's marriage docket. Notwithstanding heat, high prices of calico and provisions, and the unparalelled scaricty of vacant dwelling houses, people continue to marry. It is mournful to contemplate the short-sightedness of mortals, but it is somewhat beneficial to lawyers and printers, who get fees from the divorce suits ........(unreadable)............... -low. What a .......... must have if they take it ...... as a young lady once told us she would; that she'd cry the whole day previous to the hymenial sacrifice! Our "devil" says, there are more tears shed in consequence of their not having been "offered up," than because of what tomorrow will bring forth. The following licenses were granted since our last list was published:

Lewis FLEXER and Rosana CASSADAY; J. M. REED and Sarah WEBB; Aaron FLINN and Agnes SPEER; Lafayette BRIDWELL and Catharine C. KEENAN; Fredrick R. COOKENHOUR and Martha LEMON; Anderson BEASLEY and Helen VANDEVER; Hiram H. STATTON and Mary HORD; Elijah McBRIDE and Susanna FIREY; Robt. J. BROWNWICK and Josephine COLE; Wm. FLINN and Margaret L. PORTER; Harrison HENDERSON and Polly GREEN; John B. MARTIN and Mary Ann SOUDER; James TURNER and Ann TOMLINSON; A. B. RITTER and M. J. SULLIVAN; Martin A. KERN and Nancy J. SEARS: J. W. BEAVERS and Mary E. ANDERSON; Nathaniel SANDERS and Sarah J. MAHAN.

Typed and donated by Diana Flynn.