Bedford Star
Saturday, June 26, 1875

New potatoes, green beans, &c., have arrived. The cholera morbus will soon arrive.----The sale of the personal property of P. A. PARKS, deceased, took place on last Saturday, and every thing sold at fair prices----Martin county is out of debt and has twenty thousand dollars in her treasury. Bully for the "state of Martin"----Walter CONNELLY now passes groceries from one side of a counter, and takes in stamps from the other side, at Spencer, Ind.----Fayetteville, determined to keep up with the times, has a quart saloon----The Bedford Silver Cornet Band went to Paoli last Wednesday to play at the Masonic celebration on the 24th. The boys are getting quite a reputation abroad.----Curg DALTON, State Librarian, came home on Saturday last and returned on Tuesday. He reports business good at the capital, and says that five thousand houses will be built there this season---Whisky and coal oil mixed isn't good to drink, even when a man goes fishing----A. N. WILDER has established a game chickenary in Bedford----"Crook" and "Hoosier" MERSHON, the Bloomington murderers, were sentenced to the State's prison for life last week, and the people of Bloomington all feel happy----Ice down to fifty cents per hundred; any body now can afford to keep cool----Go and get a scythe and mow that mustard down in front of your residence----KRAMER's mill is now in operation, ready to accommodate all who desire grinding----Nathan HALL has sold $10,000 worth of stone this season, and has enough left to furnish the whole State----While Constant GAUSSIN and Wm. REATH were fishing the other night in White river, a four pound bass jumped out of the water and landed in their canoe----The storm of last Monday night did great damage to the crops in some portions of the county, sweeping away fences, prostrating the corn, oats, &c.----Eb. JETER is so interested in the welfare of his hands working the road that he will not allow them to run the risk of getting sun struck in going after water. He has a boy who carries it to them----George BACHTEL has written to a friend here, and says he is well and working in the chain shop of the prison. Arthur BISSOT is at work in the same shop. George says the prison is a "hard place," and warns all his old associates to conduct themselves in such a manner that they will never be sent to it----Louis ACHILLES has a cabbage patch containing fifteen thousand plants and he proposes to furnish Bedford with krout next winter----Wm. PARKISON has again attached himself to the I. O. G. T.----Squire ESTES is driving a dray at Washington, in Daviess county----I. H. THOMAS is talking of shaving off his whiskers. Do, I. H; we always did long to see how much "cheek" you have-----Col. A. C. VORIS is in the grasshopper country. Wm. DUNIHUE is talking of locating at Fayetteville and engage in the general merchandizing business----A New Jersey sheep merchant has been stopping at the Judah House the past week. The Gazette wants the crossing at the north-west corner of the square fixed. Lou DAGGY is going to burn a kiln of brick this summer----Eld. C. C. PARKER preached at the Christian Chapel on Tursday evening to a fair audience----Five residences have been erected in Fayetteville this season----Thos. JORDAN is thinking of moving his mill close to Alex. ADAMSON's----The mother of our worthy townsman, Davis HARRISON, died at her home in Kentucky on Saturday last. Mr. H. left here on Sunday, with the intention of being present at the funeral----When Mrs. CHRISTOPHER arrived at the Reformatory at Indianapolis, she completed the half dozen females now incarcerated there for murder----The lamp at the Town Hall corner threatened to explode on Monday evening last, when Gus DAVIS knocked it into the gutter----About the sorryest and motleyest looking set of fishermen we had seen in a long time was the fishing party that returned from White river on Tuesday morning, after having withstood the drenching rain of Monday night. I. H. THOMAS headed the list----Do not forget the mass temperance meeting at the Baptist Church to-morrow night. See programme in another column.

Typed and donated by Diana Flynn.