The Independent
Bedford, Indiana
Thursday, August 7, 1856

Miss Anna WINTER is in town endeavoring to form a Piano Class.--Those young ladies wishing instruction in that department, will doubtless assist in making up a good class.



Pursuant to previous notice, the delegates from the different townships, and a large concourse of People, met at the court house in Bedford, on Tuesday,August 5, 1856, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the various county offices. Maj. Henry P. THORNTON was called to the chair, and made some very excellent and well-timed remarks. John BAKER, Esq. of Bedford, W. S. COOKE, of Springville, and C. G. BERRY, were appointed Secretaries.--The following delegates were then announced:

Shawswick Township. -- John D. THOMASSON, Samuel SCOGGAN, Isaac RECTOR, John HAVRON, C. G. BERRY, Robt. BOYD, David R. LAFORCE.

Marion.-- J. M. LEMON, Wm. ERWIN, Thompson BIGGS, F. R. NUGENT, Dan'l. FIELDS.

Marshall. -- Humphrey ANDERSON, John W. JUDAH, Wm. H. ANDERSON, E. C. LEMON, Rufus ETTER.

Perry. -- John P. GAINEY, W. S. COOKE, Olla CROOKS, A. B. RAINBOLT, P. G. PAUGH, Saml. ANDERSON, Oliver SHORT, Hiram LOWDER.

Spice Valley. -- Wm. M. WITHERS, C. G. BACK, Dr. A. W. BARE, Robt. ROUTT, James SMITH.

Indian Creek. -- Andrew McCLELLAND, Abraham KERN, Oliver WITSMAN, Alex. KERN, John DAGGY, Uriah MOORE.

Bono. -- John DODD, A. WILCOX, Nelson CHITTY, Samuel HOSTETLER, Jas. SMITH, Benj. JONES.

Pleasant Run -- Jos. TRAINER, Baily EAST, Levi HOUSTON, Henry CLARK, Wm. CLARK.

Flinn. -- Wm NEWKIRK, Isaac NEWKIRK, John GUTHRIE, Cranson DODD, Wm. JOHNSON.

In order to give the delegates time for consultation, the Convention adjourned to 12 o'clock. The Convention met again at 12 o'clock, and immediately proceded to ballot for Representative, which resulted in the nomination of Robt. BOYD on the first ballot.

Geo. A. THORNTON, Esq., was then re-nominated for Clerk of the Circuit Court by acclamation.

L. Q. HOGGATT, Esq., was nominated for Sheriff by acclamation.

E. T. SMITH, of Marion township, was nominated by acclamation for Recorder.

Samuel F. IRWIN, Esq., was nominated on the first ballot for Treasurer.

Bolivar DUNCAN was nominated for the office of County Surveyor. Cranson DODD was nominated for County Commissioner of the 2d District, and Uriah DILLY for the 3 Dist., and Job CLARK was nominated by acclamation for Coroner.

On motion the nomination was then made unanimous.

The Conventon then adjourned.

H. P. THORNTON, Pr'st.

John BAKER, W. S. COOKE, C. G. BERRY Secretaries.


Mr. WILLARD had made an appointment to meet O. P. MORTON here Tuesday. But he didn't come. He passed down yesterday on his way to Salem. He will now have to follow MORTON around to get hearers.



The regular Missionary Baptist Chruch called Heltonville, will, at her next regular meeting of business, on the fourth Saturday in August, 30th day of the month, and at her usual place of holding meetings, elect trustees, for the purpose of buying and holding real estate for the chruch.

Isaac CAROTHERS, Pstor.

Nathan BROWNING, Church Clerk.
August 4, 1856.



DIED, in Bedford, Lawrence county, Ind., on Friday morning at 3 o'clock, WINTHROP FOOTE, M. D., after a lingering illness, in the 89th year of his age.

The simple record of the death of such a man is not enough. It is due that his many and manly virtues be recorded as an incentive to like worth. He was a man of much energy and firmness of character, upright in his dealings with others, and a citizen whose loss is deeply deplored, and whose place will not soon be supplied.

As a practitioner he stood second to none--sharing a more full and complete confidence of the community then is common. Nor was their confidence unmerited or misplaced; his success in the treatment of disease fully entitled him to it. As a scholar he was thoroughly practical, as well as scientific. As a man, a citizen, and a neighbor, his character was without reproach.

May his many noble deeds and virtues live in the memory of his friends, while his few follies be forgotten, as he was only mortal. His remains were deposited in the vault east of town, followed by the bereaved family and a numerous concourse of friends.

G. W. J. M. D.



The Partnership once existing between J. V. MATHES & Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent C. G. BERRY is only authorized to settle up the business of the firm.

May 20, 1856.



We have purchased the above named property, and wish to inform the citizens of Lawrence and adjoining counties, that we are prepared to do any kind of custom work, and in a style equal to any Mill in the State. Our Machinery is all in first rate order, and of the finest kind, and we always have in attendance an experienced profession Miller.

We pay the highest market price in cash, for wheat, or Grind it for the eighth.

We would be glad that our friends from a distance would give us a call.




By virtue of orders of the Court of Common Pleas of Lawrence county, in the State of Indiana I will, on the 1st day of Sept., 1856, or after, offer at private sale, the following real estae, of Jackson BURTON, to-wit: The w hf of se qr, and e hf of s w qr sec 10, and n w qr of the e qr and e hf ne qr, sec 15, adn se qr of the sw qr, and w hf se qr sec 14, and the n w qr of the n w qr, sec 23, all in t 3 n of r 2 west.

A credit of 6 and 12 months, the purchaser giving note with good freehold security, bearing interest from date, waiving recourse to valuation laws.

Eli BURTON, Adm.

July 16 h. 1856-27-4t.



We are authorized to announce Edmund T. SMITH, of Marion Township, as a candidate for Recorder at the approaching election.

We are authorized to announce Dixon COBB as a candidate for Sheriff at the approaching October election.

We are authorized to announce Ebenezer S. THOMPSON as a candidate for Sheriff at the approaching October election.

We are authorized to announce Dean BARNES as a candidate for Collector and Treasurer of Lawrence County, at the approaching October election.

We are authorized to announce S. F. IRWIN a candidate for the office of Treasurer of Lawrence County.

We are authorized to announce A. G. AUSTON as a candidate for Sheriff at the approaching election.

We are authorized to announce Robert BOYD as a candidate for Representative of Lawrence county in the next Legislature.

We are authorized to announce Uriah DILLY a candidate for Com. 3rd District.

We are authorized to announce L. Q. HOGGATT a candidate for Sheriff of Lawrence county at the approaching October election.

We are authorized to announce Geo. A. THORNTON a candidate for re-election to the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lawrence county, at the approaching October election.

The items above were typed and donated by Diana Flynn.

The items below were typed and donated by Connie Shotts, CG:

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In this place, on Thursday, July 31st, by Eld. T. P. Connelly, Mr. James W. Palmer to Miss Jennie Johnson, of this place.

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By virtue of an order of the Court of Common Pleas of Lawrence county, Indiana, on the 29th day of August, 1856, I will offer for sale at public vendue, the following real estate of William H. Nugent, deceased, subject to a mortgage thereon of $300, and the widows interest therein, to-wit: the s end of e tr sec 5 t 4 e r 1 w Containing 100 acres more or less. Also, the n w qr of the s w qr of sec 4, t 4, e of r 1 west.

TERMS--A credit of 6, 12, and 18 months will be given, the purchaser, executing notes with good freehold security, or securities, payable in equal installments, with interest from date, waiving recourse to valuation laws.

July 23, 1856--27-4t



I HAVE been appointed Administrator of said estate, by the Court of Common Pleas of Lawrence county, Indiana, Said estate is solvent.

July 21, 1856---27-3t


NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed Administrator of the estate of John H. Brooks, deceased, late of Lawrence county. Said estate is supposed to be solvent.

July 10, 1856--25-3t