The Bedford Independent
Wednesday, March 28, 1860

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Old Settlers. -- No. IV.

1818. Early in this year, Samuel OWENS settled on Spring Creek, on the place now occupied by James ARMSTRONG, in the village of Springville. He soon reduced the forest to a farm. He laid out in lots the first part of the town to which additions were afterwards made by ATHON and GARTON. It is to be regretted to this day, that he did not have the lots to correspond with the four cardinal points, instead of diagonal, as now seen in that part of the town he located. He possessed a strong mind, and studied very laboriously, and consequently, he sometimes bordered on the melancholy.

Politically, he was a Jackson Democrat. religiously, he was a Baptist, and a minister of more than ordinary attainments. He died near a quarter of a century ago, leaving his wife, Aunt Jane, who yet lives near the old homestead, a pious and intelligent old lady, beloved by all who know her.

Same year, -----CARR settled on the farm where Doddridge SHORT now lives, but he died very soon afterwards. He was a very kind man, on disposition a gentleman. He belonged to no church, and when on his death bed, he sent five miles for my father to visit him and to counsel with him respecting his future condition. He was buried on his own land, where also lies by his side his wife, who soon afterwards died of consumption.

About the same, Sampson COATS, brother-in-law to CARR, located on Indian Creek, near FISHER's mill pond, now owned by Col. BOONE, but no sign of a habitation remains, except a few shrubby apple trees and some fragments of stones, so that saying is true, "The big fish eat up the little ones." Coats soon sold out and went to some other place, where he is perhaps yet living.

Same time, Samuel SIMMONS located on the opposite side of the creek, on a place now owned by John SHORT. He opened a farm and then went to Green County, where he yet lives.

Near this time Thomas COBB, son of Seymour COBB, and elder brother of Dixon, John and Caleb, settled a little below where Coats did, where his old houses on BOONE's land yet tell the toil of his hands. He sold out there and went further to the north west of the State, from whence he returned, and now owns and occupies a good farm, two miles from Springville, on the road to Bedford. He is possessed of so good a disposition that he does not make much ado about politics. He voted for those candidates at the last State election whom he considered the best men. He is a faithful member of the Christian Church.

Springville, March 21,1860.


W. R. VAN HOOD, M. D.,
Physician & Surgeon,
Bedford, Indiana.
Office south side of the public square.


Wagon Making and Blacksmithing.

The undersigned would announce to the public that they have taken the shop in Bedford lately occupied by J. C. OWEN, where they are prepared to make Wagons and do all kinds of Blacksmithing on the shortest notice and most reasonable terms.



Bedford Lime Kiln for Rent.

On account of his business in Louisville the undersigned would rent his Lime Kiln this season to some good man. The Kiln is in good order with cooper shop, sheds, tools, switch, and everything necessary for carrying on the lime burning. He would also like to deliver at hte kiln about 500 cords of wood at a low price. For further particulars inquire at Mr. OTTIS, at the Stone Quarry, or apply to

Louisville, Ky.


Election of Trustees.

Notice is hereby given that there will be an election held at the White River Union Church on Saturday, the 3st (31st?) day of March, at the usual lawful hours, for the purpose of electing Trustees for said Church. Robert BOYD, L. D. KERN, Elders.


Administrator's Notice.

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed administrator of the estate of Alexander NEAL, late of Lawrence County, Ind., dec'd. The estate is probably solvent. The undersigned would be glad that all persons having business with said estate would call and settle immediately.

Albert G. SMITH.
March 14, 1860.


Notice to Stockholders.

The Stockholders of the Town Hall Association are hereby called on to pay to M. A. MALOTT, Treasurer of said Association, ten per cent of their subscription stock in said Association on the tenth day of March next; and on the tenth of each succeeding month for the same amount, until all of said stock is paid in.

By order of the Financial Committee:
Bedford, Ind., Feb. 25, 1860

PS. It is hoped that all will be punctual in making payments, as the contracts are all made, and the Building Committee are anxious to complete the building before the setting in of next winter.



The undersigned offers for sale situated on the Louisville, New Albany and Chicago Railroad, 80 miles from Louisville, in Lawrence county, Ind., and nearly central between Bedford and Bloomington, county seats of Lawrence and Monroe, 320 acres of Land. Said land is quite productive, and well adapted to the culture of every variety of small grain, embracing bottom and ridge lands, for which is a good orchard, and located in a most magnificent blue grass and limestone region. The buildings consist in a comfortable log and frame dwelling, a store house, grocery house, stables, &c. Also a Mill Seat, adjacent to the Railroad, and water power that defies all competition.

Such an opportunity for profitable investment is rarely offered. If you want to buy a good farm, don't halt between conflicting opinions, but pitch in at once. Remember, "Time is money," and you may lose a bargain (many a lady has lost a good husband by so doing.)--Time is onward--buy it ere the day is lost, it's worth your money, buy it at whatever cost.

When your eye alights upon this notice, if you don't want to buy yourself, tell somebody else about it that does and who don't take the paper. For further particulars, apply on the premises, or address F. A. NELSON, Harrodsburg, Monroe county, Ind.

March 7, 1860.


Attorneys and Counselors at Law.
Bedford, Lawrence County, Ind.
Will practive in the Second Judicial Circuit, in this Common Pleas District, in the Supreme Court, and also in the counties of Monroe, Greene and Martin.

Office, south side of the public square in Carlton's brick building, up stairs, above the Post Office.

Particular attention will be paid to the collection of claims, and procuring land warrants and pensions.

REFERENCES__Gov. A. P. WILLARD, Hon. D. McDONALD, Indianapolis, Ind.; Hon. James HUGHES, Washington, D. C.: William GLENN & Sons, Cincinnati, Ohio; Hon. D. W. VORHEES, Terre Haute, Ind.; Judge George A. BICKNELL, New Albany, Ind.



The State of Indiana to James R. GLOVER, Sheriff of Lawrence County, Indiana. It is hereby certified that the following officers are to be elected at the ensuing April election, to-wit:

One Justice of Peace for Shawswick Township, in place of Jesse A. JOHNSON, elected and failed to qualify.

One Justice of the Peace in Indian Creek Towhship, in place of David NOON, dec'd.

One Justice of the Peace of Bono Township, in place of James E. OLDHAM, whose term of office expires May 27, 1860.

One Township Trustee for each civil township in said county.

One Constable for each Justice of the Peace in said county.

One Supervisor of Roads in each road district in said county.

You are thererfore directed to give legal notice of said election.

Witness George A. THORNTON, Clerk, and the seal of the Lawrence Circuit Court, at Bedford, this 3d day of March, 1860. (SEAL)

George A. THORNTON, Clerk, By C. T. WOOLFOLK, D. C.
A true copy. Attest: Jas. R. GLOVER, S. L. C.


The qualifed voters of said county are therefore notified that elections will be held at the usual places of holding elections therein on the 1st Monday in April, 1860, for the purpose of electing said officers.

James R. GLOVER, Sheriff L. C.
March 5, 1860.



That I wish all persons having open accounts with me to close the same to January 1st, 1860. I am aware that notices of this kind receive little or no attention; but I wish it destinctly understood that I must have all accounts of last ywar and previous to that time, closed immediately. If I cannot get the money I want interest.

Jan. 1, 1860.



Are just receiving a large addition to their stock of Choice Family Groceries, to which the attention of buyers is called.



H. S. DARRALL, has just received a new supply of Clocks, Watches and Jewelry, And all other articles in his line, all of the best article and latest style that was ever brought to Bedford, which he will sell at a reasonable price for Cash. Persons wishing anything in his line would do well to call and see for themselves.



Dealer in Stoves and Tin-Ware,
East Side of Public Square,
(In the room formerly occupied by CAVINS & JACKSON) Bedford, Ind.
Job work of all kinds done to order on short notice.

Typed and donated by Diana Flynn.