The Bedford Independent
Wednesday, January 11, 1865

H. H. MATHES, Editor

Correct the Enrollment!

Mr. THOMASSON will attend at the Court House to-morrow to correct the enrollment of Shawswick township, where all interested, are requested to attend and assist in making the enrollment as nearly correct as possible.

Mr. T. will be at the Court House on Friday and Saturday of this week, to attend to whatever business may be necessary.


The heaviest snow of the season fell last Monday.


Willis KEITHLY, a refugee from Tennessee, who had been working with Mr. H. STARR, some five or six miles from this place, recently eloped between two days, carrying with him, a one hundred dollar Treasury note belonging to Abrahm STARR, who has recently been discharged from the army, and received the note as his bounty for three years' service. It is believed that he said Keithly is a spy of the rebel army. He rode a ___nut sorrel mare supposed to have been stolen also. $100 , have been offered for his apprehension, and delivery into the hands of the sheriff of Lawrence county.


ATTENTION! $500 Bounty!! The County Commissiones have decided that each recruit, credited to Lawrence county, to fill her quota under the President's call for 300,000 men, shall receive a county bounty of $300. This with the Government and township bounties and the soldier's wages, will amount to a snug sum for one year's service.

Mr. V. WILLIAMS, a soldier of three years' experience in the fighting 18th and Mr. GELWICK, Deputy Auditor, are recruiting a company for service in one of the new regiments, (145th) for a term of one year. Now is the time to enlist. Delays are dangerous.--Enlist early and secure the bounty. The company roll is at the Auditor's office, where any desiring to volunteer will be furnished with information in regard to bounties, &c. &c.

We will publish the action of the Board, in regard to bounties, next week in full. Could not get it in time for to-day.


The roof of Mr. JOHNSON's livery stable fell in yesterday on account of the weight of the snow. His loss will be considerable.


STRYED OR STOLEN. A full-blooded English pointer, brown or snuff color, little white on his breast, top of his tail off and answers to the name of Tippecanoe. Said dog came from lake Ponchartrain and is the property of an old soldier, who will give five dollars reward for his recovery.

William YOUNG.


Mitchell, Ind., Jan. 6th
Mr. Editor: While other places have been giving social entertainments. and donation parties for various objects, permit me to say that the good people of Mitchell are not behind the best of them in acts of love and benificence. Tuesay night following Christmas was set a part for a supper for the benefit of our Soldier's families. Although the weather was unpleasant and the mud not only deep but broad, the BIGGS House was filled with citizens, to partake of the rich repast prepared by the Ladie's Aid Society. The scene was one of joy and gladness. The proceeds, over all expenses amounted to $130.00 With this several needy families were made happy.

Many thanks are due the generous and gentlemanly proprietors. Mr. BARNARD, not only for the use of his house, but for his vauable assistance.

This work of benificence, however, did not stop there. The members and friends of the Presyterian Church gave expression of their love and liberality, by presenting their pastor and his family with donations of provisions, and clothing, not forgetting a roll of green backs, a true panacea for most of the ills and troubles of life.

To crown all, still later, a few persons, not members of the church, devised a plan, by which they, too, might not only surprise the minister, but the church at large. Accordingly, Mr. BLAIR's residence was selected as the place of operation. All things ready, messengers flew through town and country, inviting the people to partake of oysters, fruits cakes and ice cream. They came without respect to name or sect. The way the money rolled in, a bystander would almost that one had to pay whenever he moved hand or foot. The night passed off pleasantly to all, and again the minister was kindly remembered with gifts and a purse of money.

For these several manifestations of love, I would take this opportunity to return our grateful acknowledgement. They serve as additional cords of bind us to this people. For these temporal supplies may one and all receive from the Head of the Church spiritual blessing--even eternal life, through faith in Christ.

Thos. A. STEELE.


HYMENIAL: "They are coming, father Abraham."

MARRIED--On the 19th ult., at the Fifth street M. E. Church, by the Rev. D. BRUSH, Capt. W. E. DOYLE, of the 17th Ind. Vols., to Miss S. F. DEGARRES, of this city.

After the marriage, the party consisting of the friends of the bride and groom, repaired to the parlor of the Mason Temple, where the bridal cake was eaten "whilst glasses jingled, merrily." After the supper, the music burst forth sweetly and all were soon lost in the mazes of the dance. The evening passed pleasantly; all felt the felicitous moment and mingled deep in its pleasures. The party broke up with many regrets that the day had to dawn again. May the life of the young couple be as pleasent as their bridal party. --Louisville Journal.

On the 1st inst., by Rev. W. W. RUSSELL, Mr. Henry W. KELLY to Miss Polly Ann BROWNING, at the residence of Amsi BROWNING, near Heltonville.

With this announcement came ye green back. May their happiness be greater than they can bear.

On the 5th inst., by ___ ___ Mr. George LAFORCE to Miss Julia B. AUSTIN.

There came with the above announcement came an abundant supply of the good things usually served on such occasions. May their lives be as happy and prosperous as their present was abundant and delicious.


ESTRAY NOTICE. Taken up by George N. HART, of Marion Township, Lawrence county, Indiana, one Red Cow unmarked, and appraised by Richard H. HALL and Allen H. BURTON, at $27.00, before William TANKSLEY, Justice of the Peace, on the 20th day of December, 1864.

Davis HARRISON, Clerk


Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an execution to me directed from the Clerk of the Lawrence Circuit Court, I will expose at public sale to the highest bidder, on Saturday, Februay 4th, 1865 between the hours of 10 o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock p.m. of said day, at the door of the Court Houses in Bedford, the rents and profits for a term of not exceeding seven years, of the following described real estate, to-wit:
The south east quarter of the south east quarter of section 2(?) town 3 north of range 2 west, containing 40 acres more or less. Also the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section 12 town 3 north of range 2 west, containing 40 acres more or less. Also 26 acres off the east side of the noth west quarter of the southwest quarter of section 12, same town and range, containing 37 1/2 acres, more or less, situate in Spice Valley township, Lawrence county, Indiana, and on failure to realize the full amont of judgement, interest and costs, I will at the same time and place, offer the fee simple thereof--taken as the property of Nancy BURTON, at the suit of Willoby SANDERS.

James TINCHER, Sheriff L. C.
Bedford, Jan. 10, 1865.


Notice to Defendants.

Martin D. MILLER, Rice M. BROWN, Silas MOORE & Son, and H. S. MANNINGTON vs. Willey WEAVER, and Westley WEAVER

State of Indiana,
County of Lawrence,
Before Jonathan TURLEY, Justice:
Be it known that on this 29th day of December, 1864, the above named plaintiffs filed in my office their complaints against the said defendants in the above entitled cause, together with an affidavit of a competent person that said defendants, Wiley Weaver and Westley Weaver, are about to sell, convey or otherwise dispose of their property subject to execution, with intent to cheat, hinder or delay their creditors, they are, therefore notified of the pendency of this action and that the same will stand for trial at the office in Mitchell, Lawrence county, Indiana, on the 4th day of February, 1865, at 10 o'clock. A. M.

Jonathan TURLEY, J. P.


Lawrence Circuit Court, March Term, 1865.
Ambrose C. PARKS vs. Thomas J. ROCKWELL.

In Attachment.

Be it known that on the 23d day of May, 1864, the above named plaintiff, by P. A. PARKS, his attorney, filed in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lawrence County, Indiana, his complaint against said defendent in the above entitled cause, and also on the 2__ day of January, 1865, an affidavit of a competent person, that said defendant is a non resident of the State of Indiana.

Said defendant is therefore hereby notified of filing and the pendency of said complaint against him, and unless he appears and answers or demurs thereto at the calling of said cause on the second day of the next term of said court, to be begun and held on the second Monday in March, 1865, said complaint and the ___ers and things therein contained and alledged, will be heard and determined in his absence.

Davis HARRISON, Clk.

*********************** LAND SALE!

On Saturday the 11th day of February 1865, by virtue of a decree of the Court of Common Pleas, of Lawrence county, Indiana, I will offer for sale, at public vendue, at the door of the Court House in Bedford, the following lands belonging to the heirs of William WOODY, deceased, to wit:

The south east quarter of section eighteen (18) town five north of range one (1) east.

Also, all that part of the south west quarter of section eighteen (18) aforesaid lying south of Bedford and Leesville road, and east of the north fork of Leatherwood creek.

Also, the west half of the north east quarter of section nineteen(19) same town and range.

Also, the west half of the east half of the north east quarter of said section nineteen (19).

Also, the west half and the south east quarter of the northeast quarter of section thirteen (13) town five (5) north of range one (1) west.

Also, all that part of the southwest quarter of section seventeen (17) town five (5) north of range one east, bounded as follows to wit: beginning at a stake on the line dividing said sections 17 and 18, forty-one and two-tenths poles south of the northwest corner of said quarter section, thence east 18 poles to a stake, thence north to a stake at high water mark on Leatherwood creek, on the south side of said creek, thence down the creek aforesaid, with high water mark to the section line, thence south with the section line to the place of beginning, containing three acres more or less.

TERMS. One third cash at sale. The remainder, in two equal instalments, payable in six and twelve months therefrom with interest from date, the purchaser or purchasers executing note or notes with approved surety or sureties, waiving valuation laws.

Charles T. WOOLFOLK, Commissioner.


Notice to Heirs of Petition to sell Real Estate.

State of Indiana, Orange County. Notice is hereby fgiven that Theodore STACKHOUSE, administrator of the estate of William HAMILTON deceased, has filed his petition to sell the Real Estate of the deceased, his personal property being insufficient to pay his debts, and that said petition will be heard at the next term of the Court of Commom Pleas of said County.

J. L. MEGENITY, C. C. P., Orange County.


Boots and Shoes! I have just opened A Large Lot of Boots & Shoes, Hats & Caps, the largest stock ever brought to this market, which I am offering very low. Call and see. No trouble to show goods. South side Public Square, CARLTON's building.



Silas MOORE having sold out all his interest in the store and firm of MOORE & SON, to Milton N. MOORE and William H. H. MOORE, they paying and collecting all the debts owing by or to said firm, and the said firm of S. Moore & Son is hereby dissolved by mutual consent.

All persons knowing themselves indebted to the said firm of S. Moore & Son are requested to call immediately upon Milton N. Moore and William H. H. Moore, to whom the same now belongs, and settle their indebtness to said firm, either by note or cash.

Silas Moore.
Milton N. Moore.
Mitchell, Jan. 2d, 1865.

Milton N. Moore and William H. H. Moore have formed a new partnership under the style and form of Moore & Brother at the old stand of S. Moore & Son, and will continue the business. They cordially invite the old customers of S. Moore & Son and the public generally, to come and deal with them, promising that they shall do as well if not better than they
Milton N. Moore.
William H. H. Moore
Silas Moore his retiring from active business, takes this method of returning his thanks to his many friends and the public generally, for the very liberal patronage they have extended to him and his Son for many long years, and hopes that they will extend to Milton N. and William H. H. Moore, the same favors they have to him.

Silas Moore.


Blacksmithing! Having recently purchased the shop formerly occupied by John HUFF, on the South side of the public square, I am prepared to do any work in my line, Neatly, Promptly, and on Short Notice. Give us a call. James CARTER.


The undersigned will sell, on easy terms, the following lands, or any part of them, situated in Knox County, Ind., on White river, to-wit: Part of sections 13, 14, 15, 23, and 26, town 5, range 7 west. For particulars apply to Mrs. Jas. W. McMILLEN, or W. FOOTE, Bedford, Indiana.

Typed and donated by Diana Flynn.