The Bedford Independent
Wednesday, January 18, 1865

(For the Bedford Independent)

17th Ind. Mnt'd Infantry,
January 5, 1865.

Friend MATHES: To let you know our progress--which is very slow for this age--I write you.

We left Louisville on the 28th, in high spirits, our sabres clanking and steeds prancing, as fine a division of cavalry as could be altogether, Brigadier General Eb. LONG commanded, and under him Col MILLER commanded the "Winder (?)" Brigade, and Col. MINRY, the 2d brigade. The first day's march was on the Bardstown pike, and ended at Mount Washington, about __ miles.

On the 29th, we resumed the march early, and spent the day in trying to keep ears and toes warm, which, by the way, was no small job. We camped at Bardstown.

Dec. 30. We moved again, and as it snowed, everything went nicely; for, as everbody had their heads wrapped up, you could hear nobody swear, and the impression prevailed that the regiment was reforming; not that there is any need of reformaton, oh no? We camped near Newhaven, on the banks of Rolling Fork of Salt River.

Dec. 31. En route early. There on the right hand side of the road, about two and a half miles from Newhaven, Kentucky, is the house in which Mr. Lincoln spent his boyhood days, and there, about three miles further on, is his first enterprise. Look at that 16 by 14 log house, stone chinmey, with combination door and window!--Does that look like a starting point for the Presidency? It assures me that there is a chance for me yet, Matt.

Leaving Camp Wickliffe, with its memories of Gen. Nelson an va. roioloid (?), to our left, we pass thro'h Hodgensville; and as Bardstown always aroused memories of headache and sore feet, so Hodgensville brought up thoughts of applejack. And it came, not only in thought, as I can prove by the number of men who remarked that the county was "rolling." We camped at night at Elizabethtown.

Jan. 1, 1865, was one of the coldest nastiest days that ever the Weather-Clerk used as a foundation for a new year. During the day on of the b'hoys spent the hours, (pleasantly no doubt) with Apple "Jack," which excited (perhaps) the jealousy of Jack Frost, as the latter individual tried to freeze him to death; but as alcohol don't freeze very easily, and the b'hoy had plenty of that in him, he was saved, although it had not quite worked into his bootlegs, and consequently his feet were "bitten." That night we camped near Sonora, a gay little village of 15 inhabitants, including one lame mule and a curly dog.

Jan. 2 We pulled out again early--crossed Nolin creek, and reached Munfordsville at 3 P. M. Here we had to wade Green River, nearly back deep to our horses. It was not safe to stand or kneel on the animal's backs, as the river bottom was studded with rocks and diving is out of season, so we had to soak our understandings for about half a mile. We got to camp and dried ourselves about dark. Camped in _?__ mile of ___?____.

Jan. 3. Rested all day, for the pack mules to be ferried over.

Jan. 4. Marched via Cave City and Bell's Tavern to Rock __?__, if you know where that is you have the advantage, for could find it neither on the map nor any where else.

Jan. 5. Start early, and as the day was cold, resorted to whistling--for fun. Whistled "When this cruel war is over," and then took a cramp in my jaw, so quit. Passed through Bowling Green some time in the day--didn't see anybody I knew, so didn't take much notice of anything.--We crossed Rarren river on a bridge built upon the ruins of the old pike bridge--quite an improvement. Camped here, Cave Spring, two and a half miles from town, at dark. Eat a hearty supper of hardtack and sausage, and as we march at 7 A.M. to-morrow, revelie at 5, I guess I will retire and digest it so, "good night."



Money Saved Is Money Gained.

J. Peter FRANCES, who for the past sixteen years has sold clothing on the south side of the public square, and by his attention to business and fair dealing, has built up a good custom to his house, has now sold out to H. F. BRAXTON & Brother, who, we have no doubt will give equal satisfaction to the public. Col. Braxton has considerable experience in this line of trade, and from the knowledge, we have of his __lrberality, and the extensive assortment of goods, we prophesy for the new firm a big run. See adv. elsewhere.


Although it is midwinter, Fall styles are very prevalent this slippery weather.


Cash paid for wood--from one load to several cords wanted--enquire at this office.


Messrs. WILLIAMS & GELWICK who have been recruiting for the 145th regiment, went to Columbus last Monday with about forty-five men. The company is rapidly filling up. Lawrence county will probably get out of the Draft-Volunteer soon and secure the bounty.



We notice that M. A. MALOTT, the senior partner of the firm of Malott and Sons, has retired from that establihment, and that it will be conducted hereafter under the style of W. P. Malott & Brother.

H. F. BRAXTEN, of the firm of PALMER, BRAXTON & CO. having withdrawn for that firm, has in connection with his brother, purchased the establishment of J. P. FRANCIS, which they will carry on, and who like "The tailors of ancient and noble renown, Clothe all the people in country and town".

Lt. C. DUNCAN. of the 18th, we learn takes the place of Mr. BRAXTON in the firm of Palmer, Braxton, & Co.

Mr. FRANCIS will soon re-establish himslf in business, and be ready to give his old customers fits, as usual.

G. M. McROBERTS, druggist has sold his entire stock of goods to Messrs. HOWELL & JOHNSON, who will continue the business at the old stand.



Those who have claims for services in Capt. John BEATY;s Company, during the Morgan War, will find it to their interest to call soon at my office in Bedford. Pension, Bounty, and all other claims promptly attended to



W. W. FERGUSON, Assessor for Shawswick township, is now engaged in assessing the people of his district, and has been for several days. Be ready to "give in."


We are under obligations to Gus NUGENT of the 16th Indiana Mounted Infantry, for a copy of a small book entitled "History of the Sixteenth Indiana Mounted Infantry, giving a reliable account of its Marches, Hardships, and Battles, for its Original Organization to the Present." It is a neat affair and written in an attractive and interesting style. After reading it we concluded that the 16th had been the elephant.



MARRIED.--On the 12th inst. by Rev. J. M. STALKER, at the residence of the bride's father Dr. John H. HARFORD and Miss Amanda C. HOLDER.

Currency received.


To my Friends.

The undersigned takes this method of informing his old friends and patrons who have for so long given him their patronage, that he has sold out his entire stock of goods to J. F. & C. BRAXTON, enterprising and accommodating gentlemen, who will continue the budiness of Clothing Merchants at the old stand. I return my sincere thanks to the many friends who have favored me with their influence and trade for the past several years and can assure them that my successors are in every respect worthy the same encouragement , we are assured by them that it will be their aim to put their present large and superior stock of ready made clothing down to the lowest cash price. Give them a call.



List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office in Bedford Indiana on the 18th day of Jan. 1865, and which will be sent to the Dead Letter Office, according to law if not called for wihin one month from date.

BUNCH, Debbie
BASS, Miss G
CORMEN, Abrham
DEVOLT, Hustan
FORD, Wm. A. Esq.
FARLEY (?), Elizabeth
LOUIS, Mrs. Wm.
LEE, John
McCansila (?), Annie E.
MASON, Mrs. S. M.
MAY, John
STARNES, Richard M.
SMITH, Fanny
SABIN, Mary Jane
SMITH, Matilda J.
SMITH, Cornelius A.
N.B. Any one calling for any of the above letters will please say "advertised."

James M. MATHES, P. M.


Sheriff's Sale.

By virtue of several orders of sale made by the Lawrence Count of common Pleas of Lawrence county, Stae of Indiana, to-wit: one in favor of Otho W. MALOTT, one in favor of Uriah MOORE, one in favor of STIPP & SCOG, one in favor of Cranston T. DODD, and one in favor of E. D. PEARSON and H. F. BRAXTON, executors of the estae of G. A. THORNTON, for the aggregate sum of $1117.08, and costs and against John ERWIN, in attachment, will on

The 11th day of February, 1865, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. at the court house door in Bedford, said county, offer for sale to the highest bidder the following real estate situate in said county of Lawrence, to-wit: the east half of the northwest quarter of Section 31(?) town 5 north of range one east, containing one hundred and ten acres more or less.

Also, a part of the west half of the south west quarter of section 31 (?)town 5 north of range one east, containing fifty-seven acres more or less.

Also, the following personal property to-wit: one scythe and cr___e, two mowing scyths, one two-horse wagon, one half bushel measure, three ox yoke, one pair double traces and harness, lot of rope, lot of lumber, wheat fan, apple mill, barrel cider lot of ___aring and halter rope, one square, lot of nails, one wheel barow, harrow, and stretcher, log chain grubbing and weeding hoe, lumber at BEAVER's mill. The above personal property will be sold at the late residence of John ERWIN too and a half miles east of Bedford.

James TINCHER, S. L. C.


Estray Notice.

Taken up by James J. ROSS, of Pleasant Run township, Lawrence county, Indiana, one red steer, marked with a crop off of each ear, and appraised at $15.00, by David CARSON and _____________, before Joseph TRAINER, Esq., on the 5th day of November, 1864. Davis HARRISON, Clerk.


Estray Notice.

Taken up by Isaac WASCOMB(?), of Pleasant Run Township, Lawrence county, Indiana one red ____steer, unmarked and appraised at $__.00 by Joseph RAMSEY, and George FERGUSON, before Joseph TRAINER, Justice of the Peace, on the 7th day of November, 1864.

Davis HARRISON, Clerk.


Administrator's Notice.

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly appointed by the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Lawrence county, Administrator of the estate of Lafayette BODENHAMMER, late of Lawrence county, Indiana, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent.

John J. DURAND, Adm'r.

Bedford, Jan 14, 1865.


Silas C. PROCTOR's Estate.

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed Administratrx of the estate of said Silas C. Proctor, deceased. Said is supposed to be solvent.

Elizabeth PROCTOR.


Notice of Distribution to Heirs.

Notice is hereby given that at the January Term of the Court of Common Pleas of Lawrence county, State of Indiana, after a final settlement of the estate of Jeremiah HELMER, deceased, $384.80 were found remaining for distribution among the heirs. Said heirs are therefore notified to appear at the next term of said Court, prove their heirship and receive their distributive shares.

Davis HARRISON, Clerk.

Jan.18, 1864.


Sale of Real Estate in Mitchell.

Notice is hereby given that hte undersigned Guardian of Isis ODELL, will sell the following real estate, to-wit: The undivided one-half of five acres off of the west end of the south half of the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of secion thirty-six, town four north of range one west, near Mitchell, Lawrence county, State of Indiana.

Applications of purchasers will be received for the entire interest in the above property by E. D. PEARSON, Bedford, Ind., and the undersigned at Bloomington, Ind., until the 18th February, 1865.

Terms--One half in hand, balance in one year, with interest note and surety, waiving relief laws.

Elenor BORUFF.

Jan. 1865


Estray Notice.

Taken up by George N. HART of Marion township, Lawrence County, Indiana, one Red Cow, unmarked, and appraised by Richard H. HALL, and Allen H. RURTON, at $27.00, before William TANKSLEY, Justice of the Peace, on the 20th day of December, 1864.

Davis Harrison, Clerk.


Action of the Board of Commissioners in regard to Bounties.

January 10, 1865.

Board of Commissioners met persuant to adjournemnt. Present--Wm. A. HOLLAND, Allen C. BURTON, and Wm. H. ANDERSON.

Ordered by the Board of Commissioners, of Lawrence county, that a bounty of $300 be paid to each volunteer, who may be enlisted under the late call of the President of the United States, for 300,000 troops, who may be credited to Lawrence county.

It is further ordered, that should the County of Lawrence fail to make up its quota, each person drafted and accepted under the call of the President, of December, 1865, shall be entitled to a county bounty of $300.

It is further ordered, that the bonds for bounty herein provided for, shall inure to the benefit of the several townships in this county, in proportion to the number of men to be furnished by each township under said call of the President.

It is further ordered, that for the purpose of providing means for the payment of said bounties, there shall be issued, on the credit of Lawrence county, bonds to the amount of ____dollars, in denominations of $100 each, one third of which shall be payable in one year, one-third in two years, and one-third in three years from date of said bonds, with six percent, interest, payable at the office of the County Treasurer, in Bedford.

It is further ordered, that the Auditor be, and he is hereby authorized and directed to have bonds neatly printed, with interest coupons attached thereto, at as early a day as practicable.

It is further ordered, that the bonds shall be signed up by the Board of Commissioners and the County Auditor, and delivered to the county Treasurer, who shall deliver them to the proper persons on the order of the county Auditor.

It is further ordered, that if any person of Lawrence county subject to draft, shall at any time put in a substitute, (before the quota of the township, in which such first named person resides, is filled) and shall have the proper credits given to such township, said Auditor shall issue to such person so putting in a substitute, an order for three hundred dollars bounty, as in other cases provided in this order, upon being presented with certificate from proper authority of his having been credited to said township.

It is further ordered, that any resident of this county, subject to draft, who shall volunteer and be credited to any other township than the one in which he has been enrolled, shall not be entitled to the benefit of said bounty. Provided, that after the quota of any township has been filled, persons liable to draft therein, may be credited to any other township in this county, and receive the bounty as in other cases.

It is futher ordered, that the county Auditor shall not give his order for bounty unless the applicant shall first file a certificate of the officer mustering in troops, that he was credited to Lawrence county, Indiana, and to the proper township therein.

It is further ordered, that the bonds, when issued, shall be taken for all county taxes.

Ordered, by the Commissioners, that Thomas N. STEVENS be and is hereby allowed the sum of $50.00 for furnishing a plan and specifications of the Poor asylum.

Ordered that there be appropriated to Pleasant Run township $50 for the benefit of soldiers' families under the direction of the committee appointed at the regular session of the Board at their meeting on the 9th day of December, 1864.

Ordered that the Board adjourn.



Typed and donated by Diana Flynn.