History of Lawrence County, Indiana

Transcribed passages are from the following book:
History of Lawrence and Monroe Counties Indiana
1914 B. F. Bowen & Co. Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana


The name Perry was given in honor of the famous sea commander who conquered the Bristish on Lake Erie during the war of 1812. When Lawrence County was organized in 1818 all of the territory now in Perry township was a part of Indian Creek township. It was converted into an independent township on May 14, 1822.

The following is a list of some of the early land entries in Perry township, including some of the most prominent men in the county; Eli Powell 1817; ALexander Clark 1817; Jesse Davis 1818; Warner Davis 1816; Robert Holaday 1816; Ralph Lowder 1819; Benjamin Phipps 1818; Michael and Mathias Sears 1817; William Newcomb 1817; William Sackley 1817; William Kern 1817; Thomas Hopper 1817; William Hopper 1817; Jonathan Osborn 1816; Azel Bush 1818; Isaac V. Buskirk 1818; Joseph Taylor 1816; Benjamin Dawson 1818; Archibald Wood 1816; John Gray 1817; William Kerr 1817; William Tincher 1817; Reuban Davis 1816; Seymour Cobb 1816; John Armstrong 1817; Samuel Steel 1817; John Duncan 1817; Coats and Samuel Simon 1817; John Dishman 1818; Adam Hostetter 1817. Others noteworthy among the early settlers were: Wesley Short, William Whitted, Aden Gainey, Samuel Owens, Caleb Odell, Nathan Melton, Kenneth Dye, John Jarvis, William McDowell, James McDowell, Thomas Cobb, Dixon Cobb, and later, Noah Bridwell, Elza Woodward, Zedekiah Robinson, Mecart Helmer, Samuel Tincher, Franklin Crooke, M. C. Rafferty, Milton Short, John and Thomas Hert, Thomas Armstrong, John Hedrick, John Rainbolt, Andrew McDaniel, James Beaty, Booker Wilson, Martin Holmes, James Garton, Eliphalet Pearson, John D. Pedigo, John Vestal and A. H. Gainey.


Samuel Owens laid out the village of Springville on July 11, 1832, on section 22, in the central portion of Perry township. Later additions were made in 1836 and 1846.

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