Lawrence County, Indiana: Family Photos

This page is for miscellaneous photos with Lawrence County, Indiana, connections, or old family photos you would like to share with others. You are welcome to submit your own pictures or to supply more information about the ones on this page. Please click on the names of the persons who submitted the photos if you wish to send them e-mail.

In February 2016, Bruce Bledsaw sent us several very old photos, plus a death certificate. Please take a look at Bruce's photos and see if you know any of the people in them. As of March 1, we have a total of ten photos in this collection.

In February 2015, we received a collection of 28 photos, appearing to date back to the first half of the 20th century, from Debbie Jennings, who in turn received them from Maggie Neideigh. Some are "mystery photos", while others come with the names of various individuals. Please visit this photo album to see what you might know about the pictures.

Submitted by: Cindy Cooper Jones
Neal Nance and ?
This photo is of Neal Nance and 2 unknown individuals.
Maybe someone can help with identifying the others in the
picture as well as which one is Neal.

Submitted by: Cindy Cooper Jones
Leo Nance & Lloyd Speer
Cindy says, "Attached is a picture found among
my grandmother's things. Written on the back
are the names Leo Nance and Lloyd Speer.
Does anyone connect to these two men?
Leo was a cousin to my grandmother,
Thelma Louise Sutherland."

Submitted by: Evelyn Anderson
Abraham K. Smith
Abraham K. Smith – married Margaret Green, 1848.
Abraham lived in Shawswick, Bedford, Indiana, with his
family before coming to Texas about 1881.

Submitted by: Nancy Hostetler Amster
Mike Hostetler
Mike's niece Nancy says,
"This is a picture of Mike Hostetler, b. June 18, 1899,
showing him as a young man visiting what is remaining
of an old cabin at Old Palestine, Ind."