JUNE 2, 1881

Published Every Thursday Morning by Dr. J.T. BIGGS


In accordance with the programme, the procession formed at 10 30, last Monday morning on Main Street, headed by Marshal Music and Cooper and Jackson's Cornet Band, and marched to the cemetery under command of Maj. Kelly, Capt. Moore and Lieut. Cook.

The Committee proceeded to the decoration of graves of soldiers to-wit:--E.D. Antonaski, Van B. Kelley, Wm. Monyhon, Wesley Edwards, Wilson Berry, Wm. Metts, R.P. Dodson, Alex Johnson, Wm. Charles, James Scott, Wm. Newby, James Moffit, Geo. Sheeks, Wm. Sanders, J.H. Sandefur, J.P. Tapp, Lewis Parrot, I. Loggins, and R. Garrett.

After the roll call, Hon. W.H. Edwards in his usual eloquent style, reviewed the history of the 67th Ind., in which we learn they traveled in the aggregate 17,000 miles, participated in 18 regular battles besides the skirmishes, and were under fire of the enemy 75 days the first year, and 158 days during the service.

At Freedom the graves of Capt. Ramsey, Jno. Hall, Jno. Finger, L. Jones, John Giles, David Todd, Mr. McSha, L. Davis, Jos. Yandell, S. Withers, of regular service, C.D. Giles and J.M. Brady of the Morgan Raid Militia were decorated.