Bloomington (IN) Herald Telephone
April 20, 1938
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Nephew of Thomas Sare is Killed Tuesday Afternoon

His windpipe severed, Merle Sare, 46, former Bloomington man, died about five o'clock this morning in the hospital at Washington, Indiana. He was fatally injured Tuesday afternoon in an automobile crash near West Baden.

Mr. Sare was a nephew of Thomas J. Sare of Bloomington and the son of Arthur Sare, former local resident. He is survived by the widow, Marie, and a brother, Ross Sare, of Oklahoma City. Another brother, Walter, was killed in an automobile accident eight years ago near Bedford.

According to word received here, Mr. Sare was driving his car behind a cement truck yesterday afternoon when the crash occurred. A sack of cement fell off the truck and Sare's car hit the sack and was thrown off the road over a 12-foot embankment.

The funeral for the highway victim will be held Friday at Mitchell, Indiana.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.