Bloom Magazine, Bloomington (IN)
December 2012/January 2013
pages 100-103

Jeremy Shere, "Held Hostage in Iran: Don Sharer of Bedford, an American Hero," Bloom Magazine, December 2012/January 2013, p. 100-103. The item below was abstracted by Randi Richardson from an article that is copyright protected. This article was accompanied by a number of photographs. The movie, Argo, with Ben Affleck, is based on Sharer's experience.

In 1979, Don Sharer, currently a resident of Bedford, Indiana, spent time in Iran as a Navy attaché and fighter jet specialist. On November 4 of that year, he was at the embassy in Tehran when it was stormed by Iranian terrorists who took him and 51 others as hostages. During the ensuing months, he was tortured and interrogated by his captors until he was finally released in January 1981.

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