White River Standard
Bedford, Indiana
December 29, 1853

[NOTE: The items below were abstracted by Randi Richardson from a microfilm image of the original available at the Lawrence County History Center. Unfortunately, the microfilm reader/printer would not print, the abstractions were done by hand and then typed.]

page 2, column 5

Daniel Sherwood of Linton died at his home on November 21, of inflammation of the stomach, aged 56. He was one of the early settlers of Livonia, Indiana, where he lived until about two years ago.

page 2, column 6

Katherine Sloss [consider Sluss a spelling variant] sued her husband, William Sloss, for divorce.


An inquest was held on the body of Patrick Cantlon, age 25-30, who is supposed to have family in Kentucky. He reportedly was killed on December 23 by T. W. Field in self-defense.

page 2, column 7

Obedience Browning died. William J. Browning was appointed the administrator of her estate.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.