Springville West (Methodist) Cemetery
Perry Township, Lawrence County, Indiana
Located on Bedford St. North off Hwy 54-58 at the Junction in Springville 1st cemetery on Right
or turn on Brick St from Hwy 54-58 Go North turn left at Post Office on Bedford St.
Cemetery is on the Left after the Baptist Cemetery
See alternative listing  1 
Surname A
Allen, Anderson, Armstrong,
Arthur & Athon
Surname B
Bair, Baker, Banks, Barnes, Baughman, Beard, Blake, Broaddus, Bush,
Butcher & Byers
Surname C
Carmichael, Carpenter, Carson, Cather, Chaney, Cobb, Coil, Colley, Cook, Corey, Coter, Cox, Crooke & Culmer
Surname D
Dean, Deford & Dye
Surname E
Emery, England, Etter & Evans
Surname F
Ferguson, Fish & Fisher
Surname G
Gainey, Gardner, Giles, Gipson, Glasgow, Godsey, Gray, Greer, Grigsby & Gyger
Just Folks
I am like him, so they say,
   Who was dead before I came.
Cheeks and mouth and eyes of gray
   Have been fashioned much the same.
I am like her, so they say,
   Who was dead ere I was born,
And I walk the self-same way
   On the paths her feet have worn.
There is that within my face
   And the way I hold my head
Which seems strangely to replace
   Those who long have joined the dead.
Thus across the distance far
   In the body housing me
Both my great-grandparents are
   Kept alive in memory.
Edgar A. Guest 1934
Surname H
Hall, Hammond, Haton, Held, Hanson, Hobson, Hodges, Hollers, Houtchings, Howard & Hummer
Surname J
Jackson & Jones
Surname K
Keith, Kelly, Kern, Kidd, Kimmel, Kirkman, Knight & Koontz
Surname L
Lake, Lamon, Lester, Lewis, Linthicum & Lively
Surname M
Mallas, Malonek, Marsey, Marshall, Martin, Martindale, Mason, Massey, May, Mayfield, McDowell, Miller, Mitchell, Monical, Morrow, Murray & Musser
Surname N
Neely & New
Surname O
Surname P
Pafford, Parker, Paugh, Pearson, Peek, Phillips, Porter, Powell, Proctor & Pruett
Surname R
Ray, Redfield, Reed, Richards, Robertson, Robinson, Root, Rose, Rush & Ryan
Surname S
Shacklett, Short, Silvers, Small, Spoonmore, Stannard, Stansbury, Strunk, Sullivan &  Sutherland
Surname T
Taylor, Thomas, Thompson &  Todd
Surname U - V
VanTuyle, Vest, Vestal, Voorhies &  Voss
Surname W
Wagoner, Walker, Wall, Webb, Wells, Whitted, Wilson, Wolfe, Woodward &  Workman

1 The "alternative" listing is a partial list of this cemetery, containing several biographies and obituaries of the people buried there. It was created several years ago, using a product called Web Page Maker. The page is no longer being maintained, and may contain obsolete data which we have since corrected in this listing and its subpages.

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