Bloomington (IN) Telephone
September 14, 1917
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Bedford, August 14–Walter Sterrett, B. & O. detective at Mitchell, is in jail here charged with the murder of Green Talbert, 65 years old of Georgia, Indiana.

The alleged crimes took place at the B. & O. station in Mitchell while a fire was raging on Main Street, Saturday night. It is alleged that Talbert and Dan Chastine were found intoxicated in the B. & O. station.

Sterrett ordered them out and while on the platform Talbert stabbed Sterrett with a knife. Sterrett then fired two shots into Talbert who died immediately. Sterrett claims he was compelled to fire in self defense. This is the second time Sterrett has figured in the same kind of a shooting.

Sterrett a year or two ago figured in a cutting scrape and near murder in Mitchell, a man named Glascow having severely slashed him down the side of the face and under the chin with a knife while he, Sterrett, was in the act of forcing him from the B. & O. SW right of way in west Mitchell while Glascow was alleged to have been in an intoxicated condition. At the conclusion of the trial of this case in the Lawrence circuit court several months ago, Glascow was acquitted.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.