Sedalia (MO) Weekly Bazoo
November 4, 1890
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Disappearance of Prof. Stotts No Longer a Mystery

Mitchell, Ind., Oct. 30–As was reported one day last week, Prof. [illegible initial] W. Stotts disappeared on October 6 telling his family to forward his mail to Lawrenceburg, Ind. But as nothing was heard of him afterwards, it was feared at the time he had met with foul play. But circumstances very plainly point now in another direction. Mrs. Bettie Sanders, a widow about 30 years old, who had been staying at Stotts' since last spring, left here about the same day he did saying she was going to visit friends near Orleans, Ind. It now seems that neither Stotts nor Mrs. Sanders went to their pretended destination as he has never called for his mail at Lawrenceburg, and Mrs. Sanders' brother was here from Orleans last week and said she had never been there. It appears they met in Louisville as they were seen together there by a gentlemen from here who knows Stotts, but the latter avoided him. Stotts' brothers of Odon, Ind., went to Louisville to hunt him, and it is supposed he and the woman have gone further south. Stottts leaves a great many debts behind, his home being heavily mortgaged. His family is left in straightened circumstances. This will be a great surprise to Stotts' friends as he is well known throughout Southern Indiana and Illinois as an institute instructor and is one of the executive committee of the Southern Indiana Teachers' Association. Great indignation is expressed by the citizens over Stott's conduct.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.