Monroeville (IN) Breeze
January 21, 1886
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... Second District—Thomas R. Cobb of Vincennes was born in Lawrence County, Indiana, July 2, 1828; was raised on a farm; attended the Bloomington University; studied and practiced law at Bedford from 1853 until 1867 when he removed to Vincennes where he has since continued to practice; was commissioned major of militia by the governor of Indiana in 1852; was elected to the State Senate from 1858 to 1866; was elected Democratic candidate for Elector in 1868; was president of the Indiana State Democratic Convention in 1876; was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention at St. Louis, which nominated Tilden and Hendricks in 1876; was elected to the Forty-fifth, Forty-sixth, Forty-seventh and Forty-eighth Congresses, and was re-elected to the Forty-ninth Congress as a Democrat receiving 18, 832 votes, against 15,128 votes for Riley, Republican.

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