Tionesta (PA) Forest Republican
March 21, 1877
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Richard W. Thompson, Secretary of the Navy, is a Virginian by birth and a Whig politician of the old school. He was born in Culpepper County on June 9, 1809, and received a good classical education. He was fond of adventure and long before he was of age, he set his face toward the wilds of Kentucky. In 1831 he settled in Louisville as a clerk in a small store. Subsequently, he removed to Lawrence County, Indiana, where he taught school for a few months and then went into a store selling goods by day and studying law by night. In 1834 he was admitted to the bar and was almost immediately elected to the Indiana Legislature. He was re-elected in 1835, and in the following year went to the Senate where he served two years, being president pro tem of that body.

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