Bloomington (IN) Republican Progress
March 8, 1893
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Paoli Republican: A series of cases from Lawrence County to be tried at the coming term of the Orange circuit court are likely to attract considerable attention. One William H. Tincher, a merchant of Lawrence County, was sued by W. C. Winstandley [sic] and others, and his goods were attached by the sheriff. About 25 other parties filed under the attachment for claims due them. Then James Tincher, father of William H., comes in and claims the goods as his own property and brings suit against the sheriff, Windstandley [sic] and others for the possession of said goods. All the cases were commenced at Bedford, venued to Monroe and then to this court. The replevin suit was tried at Bedford and resulted in a hung jury. It will probably be tried here on Thursday of the first week of our next term. A struck jury has been demanded.


Dave Hackney of the gallant old 31st Ind. Infantry was visiting Monroe County friends last week. He now resides in Lawrence County.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.