Hartford (KY) Herald
July 14, 1915
page 8

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Bedford, Indiana, July 9–A combined hailstorm, windstorm and tornado struck this city Wednesday night that wrought great destruction and lasted more than an hour.

The five-room house of Elmer Johnson, a farmer, was carried 75 feet from its foundation. Johnson, his wife and four children were injured but none fatally. The home of Thomas Beasley was destroyed, and a daughter suffered a broken thigh.

At Indian Springs the dwelling of Clara Sanders was destroyed and two 5-year-old children, twins, were killed.

At the home of Clem Owens the family was preparing to retire when the tornado struck the house and scattered it over half a mile of territory, the furniture and bedclothing being carried away by the wind. Three of the family were severely injured.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.