Bedford Weekly Mail
Friday, September 1, 1899

The following biographical sketch was given at the funeral of Joseph Woolery, by Prof. Ray of Harrodsburg, cousin of the deceased:

"In 1786 Lawrence Woolery emigrated from Germany to America and settled in Pennsylvania. Three weeks after the arrival Jacob Woolery was born.

"Jacob Woolery when a young man, moved with his brother to Kentucky, where he met Hannah Todd to whom he was married in the year 1808. The couple emigrated to Indiana in 1818 and settled near Heltonville.

"There was 15 children born to this couple, four of whom died before reaching the years of maturity. The remaining 11 children lived to have families of their own, and their descendants have become numerous, living in many states of the Union.

"The names of the 11 children were:

"Today we bury Uncle Joe, the last one of the family."

The funeral of Joseph Woolery at Gilgal last week was the largest that ever took place in Pleasant Run township, Fifty old soldiers were in line, 16 attending from Bedford.

Mr. Woolery had a presentiment of his death and a few days before chose the place where he wished to be buried.


Joseph Woolery was born Dec. 8th, 1830, died Aug. 23rd, 1899. He died very suddenly of heart disease just after eating a hearty breakfast. The shock was very great to his family and friends.

He was the last of a family of 15 children. He was at one time a leading stock dealer, was elected Justice of the Peace several times and at one time began the study of medicine under the late Dr. Joseph Stillson of Bedford. Uncle Joe served as a true soldier in Co. G, 31st regiment, Indiana Volunteers, during the Civil War, was severely wounded at the battle of Shiloh.

He leaves six children to mourn his loss. The family have the sympathy of many friends in their sad bereavement.


We tender our gratitude to those who administered to us, and extended sympathy, during our great sorrow from the unexpected loss of husband and father.


Webmaster note: County coordinator Treva E. Peckham transcribed and sent me the articles above which mention some of my own distant relatives. At the time, Treva wrote:

I read through the article and I believe Joseph would be a nephew of Michael. He is the son of Jacob & Hannah Todd Woolery.

This was read by Prof Ray; he would have been descended from Sally / Sarah Ann Woolery Ray, a sister of Joseph, and if this is accurate then Jacob was born in Pennsylvania and not Kentucky and any child of Lawrence who was born before 1786 would have been born in Germany... right?