Duluth (MN) News-Tribune
September 19, 1906
page 4


Baltimore & Ohio Southern Flyer Strikes Side of Freight at Siding

Bedford, Indiana, Sept. 18 – Train No. 7, the westbound Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern flyer, crashed into the side of accommodation train No. 1 while the latter was attempting to back its train into a siding at Huron eight miles southwest of this place this afternoon. The engineer and fireman of the flyer were killed. One passenger and three mail clerks received slight injuries.

The dead: Theodore Lehan, Seymour, Indiana, engineer of the flyer; J. Williams, Seymour, Indiana, fireman of the flyer.

The engineer and fireman of the accommodation train jumped and saved their lives.

Three mail clerks on the fast train received slight injuries. A woman passenger who refused to give her name was bruised.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.