Family Bibles
From a compilation by Deloris Doane Sherfick
Courtesy of Cathy Clark Beard


In the possession of Lydia Qualkenbush Braun . . . . . . . 1995


This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony Was Celebrated Between Daniel Crites of New Philadelphia, O. and Catharine Benell of Ragersville, O. on Dec. 23, 1841 at Ragersville, O. by John Shank J.P.


Daniel Crites was born August 14, 1814

Catherine (Benell) Crites was born Jan. 15, 1822

Simon Crites was born Dec. 25, 1842

John Crites was born Sept. 7, 1844

Wesley Crites was born April 25, 1846

William Crites was born April 11, 1848

David Crites was born April 7, 1850

Sylvanus Crites was born Feb. 1, 1852

Albert Crites was born Dec. 19, 1853

Jesse Crites was born Aug. 31, 1856

George Crites was born Mar. 6, 1859

          Grand Children

Charles Crites was born Dec. 1, 1879


Simon Crites and Sarah E. Manning, Nov. 1865

David Crites and Ida R. Tuttle, Aug. 1878

Jesse Crites and Sarah E. Burns, Mar. 3, 1880

Sylvanus Crites and Sarah C. Denny, Apr. 14, 1881


George Crites Died March 6, 1859

John Crites Died Nov. 4, 1862

Wesley Crites Died Nov. 14, 1862

Albert Crites Died Sept. 28, 1879

David Crites Died Dec. 12, 1880

William Crites Died June 24, 1890

Daniel Crites Died April 18, 1895

Catharine Crites Died Nov. 7, 1896

Marriage Certificate

This Certifies, that Sylvanus Crites of Martin County in the State of Indiana and Sarah C. Denny of Martin County in the State of Indiana, were by me joined together in Holy Matrimony on the 14th day of April, in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty One – 1881.

In Presence of

John Denny                                       Jonathan F. Woodruff

Jesse Crites                              Minister of Gospel

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