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The Washington Gazette
31 May 1901

Fatally Injured.

John Emery Seriously Hurt at the B.& O. S-W Shops.
His Left Arm Was Badly Mashed and His Right Leg was Broken - Several Ribs Were Broken.

From Monday's Daily.

John Emery, an employee of the B. & O. S-W. shops, was injured at the shops this morning and will probably not recover from his injuries.
Young Emery is a belt repairer and with his helper was repairing a belt and placing it on a pulley on the  main shafting.  The pulley was near the north end of the shafting in the wheel-room and the belt from it runs a drill machine.
Emery and his helper, Eugene Duffy, had repaired the belt and Duffy was placing it on the pulley when Emery stuck out his left hand to assist him.  His hand and arm were caught by the belt and pulled over the pulley drawing him on the shaft and the shaft made about forty revolutions before it was stopped and the injured man taken down.
All his ribs were broken when his breast hit the shaft and his left arm was mashed and broken and almost torn off.  His right leg was broken by being caught in another pulley about two feet from the small one on which they were placing the belt.  His left foot and ankle were mashed.  The breaking of his ribs caused internal injuries from which he will probably die. Willis Hoddinott, Fred Bryan, John Day and other employes took the injured man down and Dr. C. T. Wall was called who dressed his injuries.  He was later removed to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Emery in Hyatt's annex and Drs. C. F. Winton and Henry Herr were called.  At three thirty o'clock he was still alive but his physicians say he cannot recover.
Mr. Emery is about twenty-one years of age and is not married.  He is an excellent young man and well liked by all his fellow employes.  He has been employed as belt repairer at the shops for about six months.
In June 1897 Clifford Hulbert was killed in a similar way to that in which young Emery was probably fatally injured this morning. 

Courtesy of Cathy Clark