Martin County Indiana
Courtesy of  Ron Gibson

Martin County, IN

This picture is of the George Tedrow Anderson family taken at his farm in Rutherford Twp. around 1896 or 1897. From left to right is: Edith, Cora, George T. Anderson, Ron's Great Grandfather, b.1849 d.1915 in Martin Co., Julia, Ron's Grandmother, b.4-1-1885, d.7-15-1974 in Martin Co.,and Bertie. Julia married Harrison Gibson in Martin Co. and raised their family there. The boy in the center of the smaller picture is Cassie Gibson b.1907 d. 1917.The boy to the right of him is Louis G. Gibson b. 4-24-1909 d.1-7-1983. These boys are children of Harrison and Julia Gibson and also Ron's Uncles. Louis was a well known and respected Martin Co. political figure throughout his adult life. Thanks alot for your help and work on the site.