Martin County Indiana
Courtesy of  Penny Fields Gardner

James Iredell Fields

(James) Iredell Fields,  father of William Fields.

He was born in 1801 in Russell County, Virginia, the firstborn of Stephen and Sarah Short Fields. They are buried in the Ferguson cemetery in Indian Creek Township, Lawrence Co., and so is Iredell and his wife, who was Mahala Tuggle.

Iredell died in 1876, but I do not have a date, nor the cause of death. He died at his farm which was in Martin County, Baker Township, just northwest of Silverville. One of his granddaughter's, Mary Belle, married James Marshall Waggoner. He was a son of Robert and Sarah Waggoner whose land adjoined Iredell's.

 He did quite a bit of trading of land during his lifetime. He married Mahala in Somerset, Kentucky, in 1824, where all the family was living at the time except for his grandparents, John and Mary Hansford Short. They migrated up to Indiana around 1817. By 1830. Iredell and family were living in Lawrence County, Indiana, in the Indian Creek Township area, north of Fayetteville. By 1840, he sold that land and bought land in Baker Township, Martin Co, where he lived until his death.....Penny Fields Gardner