Martin County Indiana
Courtesy of  Penny Fields Gardner

 William Fields and Margaret Ann Lanter Fields

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William carved out his own cane. I don't know when the photo was taken, but it had to be in the late 1800's. They were married February 10, 1848 in Greene County, close to Owensburg. That is where they lived at first, and their first three or four children were born there. All the rest were born on the Mountain Springs farm, in a house he built himself.

 William was born in Somerset, Kentucky, on June 13, 1825. He was in the Civil War, and developed a lung condition from standing on guard through some very cold, wet weather. He died of heart-lung disease on November 3, 1904.

Margaret Ann Lanter was a daughter of Archibald Lanter and his wife, Theodocia Callahan. She was born in Harrison Co., Kentucky on September 13, 1830, and died at her home in Mountain Springs on April 10, 1913. Both William and Margaret  are buried in the Modrel Chapel Cemetery at Crane. This graveyard is just north of where their farm was.