This photo is what I copied from the original daguerreotype of my great-great grandmother. Her name was PHYLURA HARDING, and I descend from her first marriage, to SAMUEL GERKING. She and her family came from New York, and her mother was Elizabeth Taber. It has been well documented that Elizabeth was a direct descendant of FRANCIS COOKE who was on the maiden voyage of the Mayflower.

Phylura's father was MILLER HARDING, and both he and his wife Elizabeth are buried in Martin County the old Elliott cemetery, which is now in a steer pasture behind one of the gypsum plants between Shoals and Huron. In the earlier years years of her life, Phylura and her family lived in Halbert Township, Martin County, Indiana.She was born in 1827, but no one has been able to find out when she died. She did eventually move to Putnam County,Indiana. After Sam died she married Evan Calvin Waldrip on February 10, 1858, in Martin County.
Courtesy of  Penny