Martin County Indiana
Courtesy of Julie Miller

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Goldie Fields' Treasured Photo


I was given the above photo by my mother. She told that for as long as she knew her aunt, Goldie Fields, this photo was always in Goldie's possession.
Mother does not know who the lady in the photo is but feels that it is a relative.
Goldie was the daughter of Nancy Isobel (called Belle) Roberts and William Attison Fields.
Belle's parents were Joseph Marion Roberts and Matilda Rollins (1839-1872).
William's parents were Stephen Fields and Margaret Ellen Alexander (1830-1891).
Belle died in 1902 but I do not believe she is the lady in the photo as I have other photos of her and there is not a resemblance. The photo is not of Goldie or her only sister, Anna.
Goldie never married so it is not an in-law.
The photo is in a copper frame with the edges sealed to the back. The photo and frame are in a tooled leather box which has the top missing. I'm hoping this could help identify the time frame for the photo.
It is my hope that someone who has Fields, Roberts or Rollins family photos will see this and can compare with their Martin County, Indiana family photos for a family resemblance.

Julie Miller