Martin County Indiana
Courtesy of Jim McDonald

The Charles F. Graves Family – About 1917

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Top: A.B. Morgan, Mrs. A.B. (Kate) Morgan, John Graves, Mrs. Eugene (Lizzie) Grannon, Gus Arvin, Charles F. Graves holding Joe Hollen (son of Anna Graves Hollen), Mrs. Gus (Nora Graves) Arvin, Mrs. Charles F. (Louisa Inez Wedding) Graves, Mrs. Martin Clancy (Alma Graves & her son Lloyd), Mrs. Joe Hollen (Anna Graves) & Ester Graves – Twin to Alma.

 Bottom: Martin Clancy, Donald, Robert & Florence Gannon (Children of Eugene & Lizzie), Glen Morgan (son of AB & Kate), Paul & Robert Arvin (sons of Gus & Nora), George, Helen & Agnes Haag, Mrs. George Haag (Nell Graves), Leo Haag & George Haag (no name for baby on lap).