Martin County Indiana
Courtesy of  Cathy S. Beard
William C. Anderson
This photograph belonged to my grandfather John Q. Clark. My grandfather & his siblings were orphaned at young ages by the death of their parents (John B. Clark and Almira Compton Clark, (read biography here) to typhoid fever. John B. died November 14, 1893 and Almira died 2 months later on January 22, 1894. The family lived in the Lost River/Shoals area and were associated with Waggoner's Chapel. The children were raised by family & friends. William C. Anderson (whose picture already appears in your photograph section) took in one of the Clark children, Sarah Belle Clark as a "hired girl" and she appears with their family in the 1900 census.

The other children were raised by Andrew Jackson Davisson family, Lafayette Davisson family, John Anderson Jones family, Richard McClellan Jones family, and William Able family. One child, Lola, is unaccounted for but believed to be adopted by John P. Grissom. She appears in the 1900 census as Lola E. Grissom living with the James Grissom family. In addition, her name appears as Lola E. Grissom when she married George W. Spoonmore, which we know to be the same Lola!

William C. Anderson's parents were Richard M. Anderson & Susan Tedrow.   Also, William C. Anderson was an uncle to John Anderson Jones & Richard McClellan Jones....Cathy S. Beard