William Bateman

Will Book C       Pages 487-488
Transcribed as written with no intentional corrections or changes
I, William Bateman, being of sound mind and disposing memory and fully
appreciateing the frailty of human life, and mindful of .my obligations to my beloved wife and chlldren, do hereby make and declare this to be my last will and testament, and hereby revokelng any and all wills heretofore made.

I will and direct, that aa soon after my death as it is practicable to do, that all my just debts, expense of last sickness, and funeral expenses be paid out of any. moneys or properties that I may die seized of.

I will and direct, that my beloved wife Julia Bateman, have the home which is held by joint title by she and myself, and I appreciate that the law gives here the absolute title, but same I desire ahall be a part of my dstate, and that my wife have same together with all household furnature and fixtures and provissions. 

I will and direct that' my beloved grand daughter Lonnie Bateman, minor child of my.beloved aon William Alonzo Bateman, deceased, be paid by the Washington, Indiana bank. Immediately after my death ths sum of One Hundfed Dollars, which I have deposited in sald bank for this purpose, provided said Lonnle Bateman is at said time seventeen years of age, and in the event she be not seventeen years of age, that she be not paid said One Hundred Dollars by said Bank, until she has arrived at the age of Seventeen. In the event my grand daughter shall die before she attains the age of seventeen, I will and direct that said Bank shall pay sald One Hundred Dollars for her funeral expenses.

I further will that any moneys, properties remaining after my death not already disposed of be divided and paid to my beloved wife Julia Bateman, and to my beloved children, George Bateman, Alexander Bateman, Dexter Ray Bateman, Wlllard Otis Bateman, and Rosetta Hones, ahare and ahare alike.

I further will and direct my beloved son Wlllard Otis Bateman be appointed executor of this my last will and testament, and having absolute confldence In his honesty and integrrlty, I desire that he act as such executor without bond. . -

Signed in the Town of Shoals, Indiana, this the 25th,day of June, 1923

Attest: F. Gwin                                    William X Bateman.

Signed in our presence Ľnd we signed this will In the presence of each other, and in the presence of William Bateman, and we declare that we signed said will as witnesses at the request of the said Willlam Bateman, and we heard him declare that this is his last will and testament, when we signed the same. This June 25th. 1923.

Fabius Gwin
Christopher C. Wagoner

(Proof of Probate of Will).
State of Indiana, Martin County, SS:
Before me, Elmer Harding, Clark of the Martin Circuit Court, personally came Fabius Gwln, one of tho subscribing witnesses to the foregoing last will and testament of William Bateman, late of Martin County, Indiana, deceased, and being duly sworn on oath say that he was present at the execution of said last will: that tlm same was duly executed , that at the time of the execution thereof, said testator was of full age to devise his property, of sound mind and memory and not under any coercion or restraint, that said testator requested this affiant and Christopher C. Wagoner, to sign said will as witnesses thereto, which they uccordingly did in the presence of said testator and in the presence of each other as subscribing witnesses thereto.

Fabius Gwin

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 15th day of January, 1924

Elmer Harding, Clerk.

Stateof Indiana, Martin County, SS:
I, Elmer Harding, Clerk of the Martin Circuit Court, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing last will and testament of William Bateman, late of Martin County, deceased, was this day duly samitted to probate and record, and the proof thereof duly made by Pabius Gwln, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, which said will together with such proof, has been duly recorded in Record of Wills No. "C", page 488, in this office.

WITNESS my name and the seal of said Court, this 15th, day of January, 1924.

Elmer Harding. Clerk.