Margret J. Downey
Courtesy of Cathy Clark Beard
Transcribed as written with no intentional corrections or changes.

Will Book C, Page 538-539 

Last Will and Testament of Margret J. Downey

                                                    LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. 

            Know all men by these Presents [sic] that I Margaret J. Downey, of Loogootee, Martin County, State of Indiana, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make publish and declare, this to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all wills and codicils thereto heretofore by me made, in the following manney [sic]. 

Item 1st. I hereby appoint M. A. Healy of Loogootee, Indiana, as executor of this my last will and testament.

 Item 2nd. I direct that first be paid, as speedily as possible all the expenses of my last illness and funeral, including the purchase of a casket or coffin for my interment.

 Item 3rd. I direct that all my just debts and liabilities be adjusted and paid as speedily as convenient.

 Item 4th. I direct that fifty dollars, be paid to the pastor of St. John’s Roman Catholic Church of Loogootee, Indiana, for masses for the repose of the souls of John T. Downey and Margaret J. Downey, and their family.

 Item 5th. I direct that a marker or small monument be erected at the head of my grave, not to exceed Seventy-five dollars in cost.

 Item 6th. I give devise and bequeath to my grandchildren, Bernard Downey, Mabel Downey Summers, Margaret Downey, Marion Fry and Ophia Fry Meyer the sum of One dollar each.

 Item 7th. I give devise and bequeath to my Daughter Harriett M. Green the sum of Three-hundred dollars.

 Item 8th. I desire that the balance of my estate if any at the time of my decease, real, personal or mixed, of whatsoever nature or kind or wherever situate at the time of my decease, to my three daughters, namely Anna Cain, Catherine Smith and Harriett M. Green, to be divided equally.

             In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this the 19th day of April, A.D. 1927, in presence of, Thomas H. Patterson and Clarence G. Gootee of Loogootee, Indiana, as witness thereto, and who in my presence, at my request, have signed their names as witnesses. Attest M. A. Healy.

                                                            Margaret J. (Her Mark) Downey.


             Signed sealed and delivered by said Margaret J. Downey, in our presence, as her last will and testament, and at her request, in the presence of each other, signed by each of us as witnesses, thereof, this the Nineteenth day of April A.D. 1927.

                                                                                    Thomas H. Patterson,

WITNESS.                                                                  Clarence G. Gootee.


State of Indiana, Martin County, SS; 

            Before me, Elmer Harding, Clerk of the Martin Circuit Court, personally came Thomas H. Patterson, one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing last will and testament of  Margaret J. Downey, late of Martin County, Indiana, deceased, and being duly sworn on oath says that he was present at the execution of said last will; that the same was duly executed, that at the time of the execution thereof, said testatrix was of full age to devise her property, of sound mind and memory and not under any coercion or restraint, that said testatrix requested this affiant and Clarence G. Gootee, to sign said will as witnesses thereto, which they accordingly did in the presence of said testatrix and in the presence of each other as subscribing witnesses thereto.

                                                                                    Thomas H. Patterson.

                                     Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 10 day of May, 1927.

                                                                                    Elmer Harding, Clerk