Elizabeth Plummer

Will Book C Page 491- 494
Transcribed as written with no intentional corrections or changes.
I Elizabeth Plummer of Shoals Martin County state of Indiana, do make and declare this to be my last will and Testament.

Vis 1st I will that all debts at my decease may be paid.

2nd I will and devise unto my friend Samuel H. Ross, all my right title and interest In brick building and lot situate in the town of Shoals Martin County and state of Indiana known as the Plummer and Ross block, now occupied by S. H. Ross and F. M. Baker.

3rd My home and residence property in Shoals, also my interest in the Kansas City property (house and lot) in K, C. I want sold and proceeds divided as follows.

After my debts are paid I give and bequeath to Rebca Brooks of Sanantonla Texas the sum of ($1000) one thousand ddllars. To the Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Schell the sum of ($500) five hundred dollars. All remaining proceeds and any other cash and bonds if any I might have, to be equally divided between these six friends below named.
Cousin Elizabeth Chltty, Mollie Wilkinson Cousin Carrie Davis, Cousin Jennie Crawford Nina Baker and Mrs W. A. Schell.
If any one or more of these people should pass away before I die then divide equally between the remaining ones,

I make as a part of this will on another sheet which will accompany it and in which I direct as to the disposition to be made of some articles of household goods to be disposed of as directed by persons named on the other sheet, who are requested and empowered to take charge.
As executor of this my last will I appoint my kind and esteemed friend Samuiel H. Ross of Shoals Ind. in whose integrity, honesty and competency I have the fullest faith and confidence and he is empowered to sell and dispose of my property for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this will.

At my decease I trust to my executor and my friend F. M Baker to conduct and direct my funeral services in such manner as they understand from my expressed wishes it should be. I want my pastor and good friend W. A. Schell to conduct the services in a quiet home funeral, than I want ta be taken in a hearse drawn by horses and laid by the side of my precious husband. Any former will made by me Is hereby revoked.
I also want the preachers to receive ($10) Ten dollars each for their services.

Witness my had this 18th day of June, 1918.
Elizabeth Plummer.

Signed by the testator in onr presence and acknowledged by her to be her last will and testament and signed by us as withesses in her presence.
Hileary Q. Houghton
Spencer J. Shake.

I Elizabeth Plummer  after careful deliberation have decided to leave my little affairs about the house for my dear friends bro. and- sister Sehell, F. M. and Nina Baker and Cousin Elizabeth Chltty, to settle up . They have with me more so it will be like leaving my affairs with my own
I want Mrs Sehell to have my soft coal hot blast heating stove and my toilet chair, my dining table and dining charis. The Iron bedstead If you ant it with matress, The princes dresser and wash stand, with the large rug on the library floor , also two or three of my best quilts, one white
blanket, one good comfort, one bolster with slips if you want it. And four good sheets. Divide the table linen and towels between yourselves. I want Tidy Ross to have the fancy chair that sits under the mirror in library.
Also the water bottle and Haviland china dish with gilt border and pink roses, and the cut glas celery dish. And I want Sam and Tidy and children to each make a selection of a book or two from my library to keep in remembrance of the Dr. and myself. 1 want Tidy to have one of my silver tea spoons .
I want my teaspoons divided up between Lib Chitty Jennie Crawford Carrie Davis Mollie Wilkinson, Hester Baily Alice Potter Mrs H. Q. Houghton, Nina Baker and Sue Plummer. Mrs Schell one teaspoon, the sugar spoon, the orange spoons, two table spoons and my knives and forks and carving knife and fork. I want Cousin Lib Chltty to have two of my good silver
tablespoons and the blue cake plate. Mrs Mitchell to have the Haviland china plates and cups and saucers, one sugar bowl and cream pitcher your choice, the remainder of the dishes divide up to suit yourselves. Except If the large glass dish is here It goes to Mrs. Welker, and the hand
painted plate to Clara Plummer with the bonbon dish her mother gave me.
The little pink plate to Mrs Hall she gave it to me not the little pink butter plate but one a size larger. I promised the library mirror to Alice Petter of Indpls. The rug In bed room with chickens I promised to Panny (White) or Blackwell. My sewing machine to Jennie Crawford, or Mrs
Sehell if Jennie doesn't need It. My little sewing table to JennieCrawford, give Carrie Davis my best feather bed two pillows with slips two quilts two sheets, Cousin  Lib Chltty to have my library table, one white wool blanket the wool coverlet my mother made the tall glass dish (Aunt Beckays) my Mitchell cook book, two rugs and one of my suit cases. Bro. Schell gave me the
Dr's large picture but if he doesn't care especially for it I think Frank and Nina would be glad to have It. I wantFrank and Nina to have the large Dictionary and holder. Also the sitting room dresser., Frank thinks he wants It. Now I want you to divlde the pictures, rugs chairs and little things among yourselvs, the silver teapot goes to Mollle Wilkinson. And the porch rug to Mrs Schell, also my curtain stretchers and window curtains. I want bro. Schell to have my Victrola
and records, give the grean tree quilt to Mrs Ollie Neighbors her mother placed it and gave It to the Dr. Mrs Schell could wear most of my clothes with a little fixing you put them In my trunk and take them. Anything you don't want give to Mrs Blair she would be glad to get anythlng. I have given about all of the Dr's clothes away, do what you think best with the old ones here. Bob and Ed Hunt would be glad to get them. Olva the Dr's box of jewery to Sam Ross to keep or
dlspose of as he pleases if it is here when I am gone, he has it in his vault.
I want my cousins and others who desire to select boks from my library and if you have more than you want and can give away you can turn them over to the public Library. Have little Sam VanHoy take some of them, and Marion Baker I want him to some of them. I want Mrs. Schell to have the Hymnal and Testament they give me.
Prehaps Sam VanHoy would like to have some other little things here, give him the plate and glass cream pitcher that he gave me. Do what you please with the things not mentioned In this paper.
Anything not specified is yours to keep or give or sell. I know there are things about the house that none of you will want, but perhaps you could give it to some one who might want It.
I want Cousin Lib Chltty to have my summeer dining room drugget. Give Clara Plummer my old silver tablespoon and an old silver teaspoon that was her grandmother Plummers. Now if there is some old furniture here that none of you want perhaps Frank could take It to the store and clean and varnish Iti up and sell it for enough to pay him for his trouble. I want him to keep all he gets for it.
I want Nina and Lib to divide the rest of my sheets and bedding to suit yourselves
Gather up any old letters and papers and burn them. And may God bless you all is the prayer of your loving cousin, and
Ms Plummer.
June 18, 1918.

Befors ME, Elmer Harding, Clerk of the Martin Circuit Court, personally came Hileary Q. Houghton, one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing last will and testament of Elizabeth Plummer, late of Martin County, Indiana, deceased, and being duly sworn on oath says that
he was present at the execution of said last will; that the same was duly executed, that at the time of the execution thereof, said testatrix was of full age to devise her property, of sound mind and memory and not under any coercion or restraint, that said testatrix requested this affiant and Spencer J. Shake, to sign said will as witnesses thareto, which they accordingly did in the presence of said testatrix and in the presence of each other as subscribing witnesses thereto.

Hileary Q. Houghton.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 20th. day of March, 1924.
Elmer Harding, Clerk.
1, Elmer Harding; Clerk of the Martin Circuit Court do hereby certify that the above and foregoing last will and testament of Elizabeth Plummer, late of Martin County, State of indiana, deceased,  was this day duly admitted to probate and record, and the proof thereof duly
made by Hlleary Q. Houghton, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, which said will, together with such proof, have been duly recorded in Record of Wills No "C" Pagef 491-494," in  this office.

WITNESS my name and the seal of said Court, this 21st day of March, 1924.

(SEAL).  Elmer Harding, Clerk

Transcriber's note: There are additional handwrtten notes in the margin of pages 492 and 493 regarding the disposition of  personal itemsn not mentioned in the will.