Descendants of Charles Strange
by Leslie Strange

Strange story reversed grand parents

 Great-Great-Great-GreatGrandfather  of Leslie Strange
Charles Strange (Sea Captain from England-Presbyterian)

 Married an Irish Catholic woman of   Maryland.  She was the daughter of John Larson who may have been from England.  He was known to have immigrated into the Province of Maryland at an early date, possibly about 1670. Her name was Martha Anne.

Great-Great     GreatGrandfather:      Ignatius Strange
Great-Great     Great Grandmother:    Margaret                                                                     

Great-Great     Grandfather:               William Ambrose Strange
Great-Great     Grandmother:  Ellen

Great   Grandfather:   Valentine Strange
Great   Grandmother:  Martina Padgett

Grandfather:   Joseph Strange
Grandmother:  Anna M. Miles

 Father:     Raleigh Strange                Father and mother of 
Mother:     Lola Mae Burton              Ruth Evelyn
                                                         Donald Lloyd
                                                         Leslie Lee